30M Vietnamese data leak: Immediate solutions needed

Latest Update: 18/11/2023

30M Vietnamese data leak: Immediate solutions needed

Information about the data of 30 million Vietnamese users being sold on the Internet (accounting for one-third of Vietnam’s population) has caused a stir in public opinion over the past time. In particular, this is the information of teachers and students from a school unit. This raises an alarm about the reality of cybersecurity solutions in the Education industry. Because this disclosure is likely to put individuals or organizations at a disadvantage when their data is illegally exploited.

What vulnerabilities are often used by hackers to exploit data?

There are many reasons leading to the emergence of vulnerabilities that make it easy for hackers to exploit data of individuals or organizations.

Caused by carelessness in data management

when the data administrator creates test accounts (admin rights) after the test is completed, he forgets to close the account lock.

There is a possibility that the Website is in online debug mode and has since created an opportunity for hackers to exploit information such as:

  • Information about the database
  • Access account name and password

Cause of not updating the system

The ability of the Website system to get zero day errors when using some open source software (open source) or it may also be due to not updating the server’s patches.

Causes of source code exploitation at the Web application layer (Layer 7)

According to the OWASP Top 10 Vulnerability Warning, there are always the latest vulnerabilities appearing. This has caused cybersecurity organizations around the world to constantly develop more specialized cybersecurity solutions.

The solution to prevent user data leakage

To quickly resolve data leakage and minimize damage to users, each individual and organization can quickly take the following security steps:

Step 1: Users actively change information

The way to quickly solve this data leak problem is to quickly change the login information and password to be able to secure financial-related accounts such as bank accounts, securities accounts, etc. …

Step 2: Fix errors related to human factors in database administration

Build a warning system from unusual intrusions to the Website or illegal connections to the server. This can help in the timely handling of unauthorized intrusions.

Step 3: Need to protect Website and online platforms against Layer 3/4/7 attacks

Equipping a protection solution for Website and web applications is essential in the current period. This will help reduce the risk of attacks from outside the Internet into the organization’s systems to penetrate deep into the internal network or steal user information, credit card information, …, causing damage. economic as well as reputational damage to organizations.

Currently, VNETWORK is serving businesses, banking, and financial institutions,… through VNIS’s comprehensive website protection network security solution (VNETWORK Internet Security).

Some outstanding features of VNIS can be mentioned as follows:

Website security features, anti-DDoS Layer 7 with Cloud WAF firewall

Multi CDN management and Layer DDoS protection

Security feature for origin server (Hide origin server IP automatically)

Smart Load Balancing (AI Load Balancing) ensures 100% Website Uptime

Real-time access monitoring (RUM) ensures the early detection of anomalies.

30 million Vietnamese people' data have exposed and solutions

The operation model of VNIS’s comprehensive Web/App security system

We bring benefits to Vietnamese businesses through VNIS’s global data protection and cyberattack prevention solution. Therefore, if businesses have a need to learn or experience VNIS’s smart website security solution, please contact us directly via the quick support hotline: (028) 7306 8789 or or email to for expert support and consultation.

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