5 ways to stop Fake Email Domain

Latest Update: 24/05/2024

5 ways to stop Fake Email Domain

_ Phishing email attacks have been around for a long time and they are more and more sophisticated about phishing methods. So you need to know how to stop them? Let’s find out with VNETWORK._

There are many people who think that they know quite well about attacks by fake Email Domain. However, they kept getting attacked.

According to a survey report from Verizo, in 2019, more than 32% of cyberattacks were spoofed Email Domain attacks.

Let VNETWORK learn about the common forms of Phishing Email attacks.

1. Attack with a common EmailDomain

Legal businesses often never send emails to customers with Email Domains is Even Google organizations do not use Email Domain like that. Legal emails from Google will end with

Therefore, the best way to check Business Email Domain Name is to enter the business name into search engines like google. This will help minimize the chance of being scammed by fake Email Domains. However, cybercriminals today have a lot of tricks to cheat.

Therefore, you must pay attention to the URL of the sender Email, not just look at his name, feel familiar, then rush to open the email immediately. Fake emails often pretend to be names of colleagues or acquaintances to trick you into clicking open malicious emails.

An example of an email domain that fakes PayPal international payment service:

5 ways to stop Fake Email Domain

Phishing Email of Paypal

This is an almost perfect Phishing Email. It uses the PayPal logo and designs email content that looks real. However, if paying close attention, the sender’s address is ‘ Many people still think that this may be the Email Service from another Paypal customer care department, so the domain name is different from the official system. And few people know that this is a fake Email Domain.

2. Attack by Email Domain has similar characters

There is another fairly sophisticated form of Email Domain fraud that is also used by hackers. It is a fake Email Domain official with the characters closest to the main domain name. In order to deceive the eyes of the looker.

Specific example: The hacker bought the domain name, (it’s rnedia, not the media) Gimlet Media Corporation.

3. The phishing email has the wrong grammar

Phishing emails often have poor quality content in grammar. So why are so many Phishing emails being drafted of such poor quality? Simply because hackers come from all over the world, they are not fluent in the native language, and so the quality of Email content is poorly understood.

In order to prevent phishing email attacks, the syntax checking is also necessary to prevent attacks via email.

5 ways to stop Fake Email Domain

Phishing emails are often grammatically incorrect with sentences from hackers from around the globe

4. Fake emails with virus attached attachments

Phishing emails come in many different forms, but one thing they all have in common is that they have virus files attached. They often find ways to trick users into downloading malicious attachments to their computers.

For example, the email format that encloses the invoice. Hackers simply take a normal invoice, and send it to a wide range of subjects, when they open the attachment, they will see that the invoice is not for them, but it is too late. Because this bill file comes with another virus, it is able to automatically set the tracking mode and steal data from the enterprise network.

To ensure you don’t fall into phishing attacks like this, you have to learn how to check the links to see if they are opened. That way, we hover over the link and the destination address will appear in a small bar below. However, this job is also quite dangerous, if you accidentally click on the link and this malicious code is finished.

5 ways to stop Fake Email Domain

The fake Email Domain contained an attachment with malicious code

5 ways to stop Fake Email Domain

Phishing emails entice users to click on links that trigger malicious code attacks

5. Fake Email Domain with urgent message type

Hackers today realize that if an email doesn’t matter, it’s likely to be considered later. And the more time it takes to look at that email more closely. Therefore, they choose to create urgent fake emails that need to be resolved immediately.

Forged emails that go from the board of directors down to employees will be instantly opened by employees.

5 ways to stop Fake Email Domain

Phishing emails from urgent messages

How to prevent attacks from fake email?

You can prevent Email Scams by educating employees. Because as we share, the majority of successful Business Email attacks are because they have misled employees.

Spam Email Filter also does not have the ability to filter fake emails. So you need to build a reliable Secure Email System like SECUMAIL.

Because the ability of every person is limited, even if you try to be vigilant, but still can not avoid Email attacks, because Hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated about their ability to deceive users.

Please contact VNETWORK immediately if you need to find a reliable Business Email Securitysolution that is trusted by large businesses.

You can also sign up for the trial of SECUMAIL Email Security for Business at VNETWORK.




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