Top 9 Best DDoS Protection Service Providers in 2022

Latest Update: 12/10/2023

Top 9 Best DDoS Protection Service Providers in 2022

Network security is an important issue, it has a direct impact on user experience. Currently, there are many providers specializing in anti-DDoS with good technology and many outstanding features. In this article, VNETWORK will summarize the 9 most comprehensive and optimal anti-DDoS services.

1. VNIS Anti DDoS Service

VNIS is a provider of anti-DDoS services for game servers, websites, VPS,… on a prominent cloud computing platform (Cloud) on the market today with the ability to against large-scale attacks up to 2600 Tbps. VNIS provides comprehensive protection thanks to the combination of many security solutions on a single platform.

Some highlight features:

  • Integrating and managing multiple CDNs in one platform, helping businesses overcome almost all security and transmission problems, improving website performance, ensuring transparency and flexibility, as well as helping businesses come up with contingency methods for any arising cases.

  • Owning a Cloud WAF network across 8 countries.

  • Integrated Scrubbing Center to filter traffic and coordinate WAF continuously, when one WAF crashes, Scrubbing Center immediately redirects traffic to other WAFs in the network to continue the next security steps.

  • Working based on AI technology and intelligent machine learning, which automatically controls suspicious traffic, the machine learning system will automatically record bad traffic into the blacklist and block it immediately.

  • The Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC) operates 24/7 under the supervision and analysis of the technical team.

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vnis anti ddos

VNIS is a comprehensive security platform for Layer 3/4/7 with WAF, CDN, and AI load balancing

2. Cloudflare Anti DDoS Service

Cloudflare is a familiar name in the global cybersecurity field. This unit provides a Cloud-based anti-DDoS service to combat Layer 3.4 and Layer 7 attacks. Cloudflare leverages a worldwide network of databases to mitigate the consequences of attacks. DDoS attack. Users can choose to use the free plan or the business plan. The free plan offers basic DDoS protection that can deal with small and simple attacks, when it comes to large attacks, the website will be locked. With the business plan, Cloudflare offers advanced security features, with each added feature, users will need to pay a certain fee to use the service.

cloudflare anti ddos

Key features include:

  • Load capacity 37 Tbps.

  • Worldwide CDN network.

  • Integrated WAF (Website Application Firewall).

  • Limit traffic to control access points.

3. Imperva DDoS protection

Imperva is a Multi-cloud based security platform developed to protect applications and databases. Imperva provides anti-DDoS services with more than 44 DDoS Scrubbing Centers (screening centers), preventing DDoS Layers 3,4, and 7. Currently, this provider is providing solutions for many fields including e-commerce, finance, gaming, manufacturing, and technology.

imperva anti ddos

Some key features:

  • Protects websites, networks, DNS, and individual IPs.

  • Ability to handle 9 Tbps, 65 GPP attacks.

  • Imperva provides a 3-second mitigation SLA for any DDoS attack, regardless of type, size, or duration, without disrupting legitimate traffic.

  • Provides real-time visibility into DDoS threats with reporting and attack correlation.

4. Radware

Radware is a company that brings anti-DDoS services on a cloud computing platform (Cloud) to businesses and service providers. The Radware system is capable of securing Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and 5G infrastructure for large-scale networks.

Radware anti ddos

Some key features:

  • Flexible and scalable attack mitigation configuration.

  • Can be adjusted to suit the requirements of customers such as Telecom and cloud service operators.

  • Protects against zero-day exploits.

5. Akamai Anti DDoS Service

Akamai offers a Kona DDoS defender solution, which is a cloud-based security method capable of preventing different types of DDoS attacks such as UDP flood, SYN, HTTP GET, and POST. Kona DDoS defender works on a combination of a network operating system (SOC) and Akamai’s intelligent security platform to keep business websites stable even in the face of attacks.

Akamai anti ddos

Key Features:

  • Akamai’s SOC system operates 24/7.

  • Dashboard (administrative interface) displays real-time traffic information for easy monitoring.

6. AWS Shield

The shield is an anti-DDoS service developed by Amazon Web Service for applications running on AWS. AWS Shield provides protection against attacks against Layers 3,4 and 7. There are two options available to AWS Shield: AWS Shield Standard and AWS Shield Advanced.

AWS Shield Standard is a free version that provides protection against DDoS attacks and common traffic. For advanced protection, there is an AWS Shield Advanced version with the ability to mitigate the impact of larger DDoS attacks and a team of technicians to monitor and support and perform manual actions to reduce the impact of attacks of alarming levels.

aws anti ddos

Key features:

  • Packet filtering.

  • Block DDoS on Layers 3,4 and 7.

  • Load-balanced CDN.

7. Sucuri Anti DDoS Service

Sucuri Website Firewall is a security solution to prevent DDoS attacks on website developed by security company Sucuri. DDoS attack prevention service works on the Cloud platform to help protect websites against hacker attacks such as DDoS, viruses,…Sucuri’s security system is coordinated between WAF (Web Application Firewall), IDS (Intrusion Detection System), and CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Key features:

  • DDoS prevention and mitigation.

  • Vulnerability patching and system enhancement.

  • Prevent attacks that exploit zero-day vulnerabilities.

  • CDN with routing function reduces network traffic load and increases operational efficiency.

8. NetscoutDDoS Protection

Netscout offers a wide range of products and services against sophisticated DDoS attacks at the application layer. DDoS protection service helps prevent DDoS attacks on mobile applications, ensuring performance and easy access to mobile networks. Netscout provides security deployment forms including security on software hosted on-premises (on-premises) and hosted on virtual servers (virtualized).

Key Features:

  • Prevents DDoS attacks on customers’ networks with up to 140 Tbps.

  • Works based on IPv4 or IPv6 protocol.

9. Link11 AntiDDoS Service

Link11 develops cloud-based security solutions to combat DDoS attacks on websites or information technology infrastructure. Link11 uses AI to automatically filter malicious traffic to its servers, provides 24/7 support based in Europe, and can quickly set up security for new customers to ensure quick and timely resolution when the company is attacked.

Link11 anti ddos

Some features: 

  • Anti-DDoS website.
  • CDN load balancer.
  • Provides threat intelligence
  • Bot Management.
  • WAF prevents attacks by exploiting Zero-day vulnerabilities.

A fully secured network system not only helps prevent intrusion from hackers but also improves service delivery and promotes online shopping. That’s why investing in DDoS protection is essential if you want your direct business to survive and thrive.

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