Data security becomes the focus in 2022

Latest Update: 16/11/2023

Data security becomes the focus in 2022

Recently, a large amount of personal data up to 1,300 GB (more than a quarter of the population of Vietnam) has been illegally exploited and traded. So what is the solution to data security problems?

Status of data security

Minister of Public Security To Lam said that the personal data of more than two-thirds of Vietnam’s population (more than 68 million internet users) is being stored, published, shared, and collected on the internet in many forms. and varying degrees of detail.

In fact, a lot of data is publicly sold, for a long time, in large quantities on cyberspace through websites, accounts, pages, groups on social networks, and forums of hackers.

The Minister of Public Security stated: “The amount of personal data that has been illegally collected, traded, and discovered is up to nearly 1,300 GB, including many sensitive, internal, and personal data.”

Causes of data security breaches

Lack of control in data governance

According to the Information Security Administration, the majority (about 80%) of personal information leaks are due to careless users. Data breaches, such as public disclosure or lack of information security measures in the course of business operations, are still common. This is an opportunity for bad guys to take advantage of information gathering to make huge profits.

Security vulnerabilities from service providers

According to the Information Security Administration, about 20% of the causes belong to service providers. This situation can be caused by many different reasons such as system vulnerabilities, websites of organizations, vulnerabilities in customer information security policies,…


From the user’s perspective

The sale of personal data is now common and public, with raw or processed data, but much of it is not processed due to a lack of laws and regulations. Therefore, the leakage of personal information can bring many potential risks, directly affecting people’s privacy.

Legitimate users’ data is sold on the Internet, resulting in legal and financial risks. For example, the information on the CCCD can be used for financial-related acts, such as lending, credit or identity falsification, and documents for illegal acts, money transfer fraud and affect those whose personal information is exposed.

Bad guys can also use information such as full name, date of birth, and other detection techniques to collect personal information to attack user accounts such as bank accounts, email, web, etc. social networks, …

Users need to be more responsible for their information. Specifically, users can check and monitor online accounts that need to provide information online. Users need to be careful in controlling information related to bank accounts, e-wallets, etc., and anticipate scenarios of information theft and disclosure to be ready to prepare solutions. as soon as the incident happened.

Users need to be more responsible with their information. Users need to carefully control information related to bank accounts, e-wallets, etc. and anticipate thefts and information leaks so that they can prepare remedial solutions when problems occur.

From a business perspective

Strictly sanctioned: Leaking customer information out will face various penalties. Enterprises may be disciplined, administratively fined, and compensated. Or worse, criminal prosecution by current law.

Loss of trust and reputation of the business itself: When the private information of customers is not well secured and protected by the enterprise. This can affect the trust of customers, they may leave the business and look for a new and better choice.

Serious decrease in revenue: Failure to secure customer data will affect the operation and production of the business. When a part of resources and human resources will focus on solving the problem, the revenue of the business will decrease.

Loss of competition and investment opportunities: The list of potential customer information can fall into the hands of competitors, posing a huge risk to the business. Enterprises may fall into a passive position and be overwhelmed by competitors in the market.


Enterprises need to invest in the most optimal security solutions for their data systems right now.

Building a secure internal network

To protect customer information effectively, first of all, businesses need to build a secure intranet system by setting up programs and software to support security features. to minimize the network security risks of the enterprise and its data.

Disclosure of data privacy policy

Establishing a privacy policy to protect business and customer data is a smart business move. Business partners always know how businesses will access, store and use information and data provided by customers. Therefore, businesses need to build “transparent with customers” models and develop better, more reliable data collection and security methods.

Using a secure firewall (Cloud WAF) Equipping

websites and applications with protection solutions are an absolute necessity in today’s time. This will help minimize risks, financial damage, and reputation for the organization. Eliminate the intrusion of bad guys into the internal network of the organization and steal customer information.

Currently, VNETWORK is serving corporate, banking, financial, and securities organizations through VNIS’s comprehensive website protection network security solution (VNETWORK Internet Security).

Some salient features of VNIS are as follows:

  • Website security, Layer 7 DDoS protection with Cloud WAF firewall
  • Manage multiple CDN services that you want to use on just one platform
  • Native server security (automatically hide IP)
  • Intelligent Load Balancing (AI Load Balancing) ensures 100% site uptime
  • Real-time Access Monitoring (RUM) ensures early detection of anomalies often.

Currently, in Vietnam, VNIS is one of the platforms that provide comprehensive protection at the network layer (L3), transport layer (L4), and application layer (L7). In particular, VNIS helps to thoroughly prevent hackers from exploiting data on Web Server or applications through security holes (top 10 of OWASP’s top vulnerabilities).

Data security becomes the focus in 2022

Data security becomes the focus in 2022

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