Secure Web Server with Origin Shield AI in Cloud WAF VNIS

Latest Update: 18/11/2023

Secure Web Server with Origin Shield AI in Cloud WAF VNIS

VNETWORK provides the best customer experience with Origin Shield, which is a sophisticated security suite that is deployed natively on multiple high-level CDNs. This service product will enable the company's customers who are global leaders in digital content delivery and monitoring to experience core security features such as Cloud WAF, access control, anti-DDoS layer 7, Bot management, and API protection. This security system combined with intelligent load balancing boosts network performance and maximizes origin server protection and recovery.

Importance of root server shield in web server security

Origin Shield has always been an important element in any setup as it is concerned with controlling an organization's internet uptime. Businesses are now required to be online 24/7, which is where a native server shield solution comes in handy. It protects the origin server against threats and serves as an important part of WAAP (Web Application Guard API). VNETWORK is always looking for ways to improve service quality for its customers, especially when many existing solutions on the market have not yet met the growing and diverse needs of large corporate organizations.

Choosing to develop the original server protection shield is the right thing that VNETWORK has done at this time. We help organizations stay protected in a dynamic environment, amid cybersecurity concerns, new vulnerabilities, and insecurity about enterprise Web Server security. The enhanced Origin Shield solution strengthens system security and provides improved resiliency to origin servers.

Origin Shield VNIS solution protects VNETWORK's Web Server

The Origin Shield VNIS solution offers a range of Web Server security features that stand out from other products in its class. Some of the solution's standout features are Bot management, Anti DDoS Layer 7, and API protection tools, all of which help underpin Origin Shield's core security features.

Features like Cloud WAF (OWASP CRS and custom CRS), Web firewall rules, header rules, captcha/JS challenges, user agent blocking rules, rate limiting rules, rules rate limiting header switch, and access control are some of the functions that make it unique.

VNETWORK's core Multi CDN solution also enables Origin Shield to be taken to the next level by leveraging multiple top-level CDN networks and combining them with Origin Shield's security solutions.

VNETWORK's Multi CDN solution is designed to direct traffic to the strongest, best performing CDN, ready to be replaced in the event of a single CDN down. As a result, Origin Shield is placed in front of the origin server providing protection against service interruptions, DDoS attacks, or other cyberattacks. Every CDN is selected intelligently by the Smart Load Balancer system.

VNETWORK provides advanced security for Web Server

VNETWORK was founded in 2013 with the goal of building a faster, more reliable, and more secure online world while providing the highest level of transparency, flexibility, and control for customers.

The company's technology platform has disrupted the cloud industry with its intelligent Multi CDN technology. The system has delivered the best Web Server reliability, performance, and security in the market segment. VNETWORK simplifies the registration and activation process for global CDN , uses the RUM system to aggregate monitoring, and collects data on the performance of CDNs to help businesses intelligently route traffic across the globe. All CDNs are available.

If your business is interested in experiencing VNIS solution, please reach out to us via our hotline: (028) 7306 8789 or

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