What is a Bare Metal Server? Advantages and benefit

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

What is a Bare Metal Server? Advantages and benefit

The utilization of Bare Metal Servers is emerging as a trend within the realm of enterprise server provisioning. So, what exactly is a Bare Metal Server and what are its key benefits? Let’s explore together with VNETWORK in the following article.

What is a Bare Metal Server?

Bare Metal Server refers to a specialized concept that designates entirely distinct physical servers , devoid of any resource sharing with other servers within the system.

In contrast to the Cloud Server model, where resources can be shared and provided in the form of virtual machines over a shared infrastructure, the Bare Metal Server remains entirely isolated concerning hardware resources and performance for users. As a result, these servers are unburdened by the need to distribute resources among other servers, ensuring enterprises can fully exploit the potential of a server in an optimal manner.

When deploying a Bare Metal Server , enterprises not only possess complete control over resources such as CPUs and RAM but can also tailor them according to desired operating system specifications and the intended server applications to be executed. This engenders a flexible environment, permitting the definition of configurations and deployments based on the specific needs of the enterprise.

Operation Mechanism of Bare Metal Server

The functioning of a Bare Metal Server is based on the fundamental principle of providing direct access to physical hardware , bypassing unnecessary layers of intricate intermediaries. This configuration establishes a seamless and efficient operational system. This approach yields significant benefits in terms of performance, flexibility, and customization for enterprises. Below is a detailed of how the Bare Metal Server operates:

Operating System Installation

Directly installing the operating system on a Bare Metal Server provides users with flexibility by allowing them to choose a suitable operating system and eliminates virtualization software. Furthermore, maintaining regular updates to the operating system plays a role in ensuring optimal server performance, safeguarding data, and countering external threats.

Allocation and Resource Management

The capability to allocate resources on a Bare Metal Server empowers users to oversee the entirety of the system’s computing resources. Upon the installation of the operating system, users possess the ability to customize CPU core allocation, adjust RAM quantities, and determine storage capacities based on their requirements.

Resource management facilitates the optimization of server resource utilization, enabling users to allocate the appropriate amount of computing power, memory, and storage for each distinct application and task. This ensures performance and responsive capabilities for each specific mission while concurrently maximizing the potential of the server.

Hardware Provisioning and Configuration Deployment

Supplying relevant hardware components and deploying the configuration of the physical elements of the Bare Metal Server, such as CPU, RAM, storage, and network interfaces, ensures that resources are exclusively allocated and optimally utilized. From there, users are granted full access to the allocated resources and utilize them efficiently.

Optimizing I/O Performance

Bare Metal Server offers the capability to optimize Input/Output (I/O) performance by removing the obstacles caused by virtualization intermediaries. Typically, in virtualized environments, data needs to traverse complex virtualization layers, leading to additional latency. Conversely, on a Bare Metal Server, data can be accessed directly and swiftly from the physical drive, enhancing I/O performance for applications that demand swift processing of large datasets.

Outstanding Advantages of Bare Metal Server

Bare Metal Server has provided a wide range of advantages , creating a significant differentiation in the field of enterprise server provisioning due to the following prominent characteristics:

  • Provisioning Optimal Performance: Bare Metal Server focuses on delivering the full computing power of each server to a single user instead of sharing with others. This ensures that business operations remain unaffected by the usage patterns of others on the same server. Additionally, integrated modern technology enhances Bare Metal Server’s performance, which is particularly critical for applications demanding significant computational capabilities like cloud computing or data analytics.

  • Robust Security: Bare Metal Server provides dedicated physical servers to each customer, preventing the sharing of hardware resources with others. This eliminates the risk of intrusion through virtual machines or unauthorized access from other users on the same server. Administrators have full control over the hardware and software of the Bare Metal Server, enabling the deployment of customized security measures such as firewalls, data encryption, and network security configurations. The ability to manage the entire server aids in proactive and effective security management, mitigating the risks of dangerous data breaches.

Outstanding Advantages of Bare Metal Server

Outstanding Advantages of Bare Metal Server

  • Superior Scalability: With customizable server configurations tailored to specific needs, encompassing CPU core counts, RAM capacities, hard drive types, and network cards, businesses can optimize performance for each specific task and flexibly address unique requirements. Moreover, Bare Metal Server can integrate processing power, expand storage capacities, and bandwidth on demand, providing resources to run necessary applications and workloads, effectively meeting storage needs for enterprises.

  • Suitable for High I/O Demand Applications: The flexibility of Bare Metal Server allows for hardware configurations to be tailored to application needs. This is particularly beneficial for applications with high I/O demands, where users can adjust storage and I/O configurations to leverage hard drive read and write speeds without virtualization constraints.

Bare Metal Server - an Upgraded Iteration of Dedicated Server

Bare Metal Server is an upgraded iteration of Dedicated Server , offering numerous advantages and scalability to meet the demands of increasingly complex technology. With complete separation of hardware resources and performance, the Bare Metal Server combines the benefits of a Dedicated Server with other exceptional technologies.

The ability to customize its hardware and software is one of the distinguishing features of Bare Metal Server. Users can customize CPU, RAM, storage, operating systems, and applications as needed, creating a flexible environment adaptable to diverse job requirements.

The ability to expand hardware resources or upgrade the configuration of the Bare Metal Server enables businesses to flexibly respond to system growth. Equipped with the latest and best hardware, such as NVMe SSDs instead of standard SATA SSDs, the Bare Metal Server provides higher performance compared to traditional servers without resource sharing limitations.

Moreover, the Bare Metal Server integrates newer and more advanced technologies, enhancing performance for high-demand applications like online services, big data analytics, and financial transactions. Not sharing resources with other servers also enhances data and information security for businesses.

Bare Metal Server Solution by VNETWORK

In order to anticipate emerging trends and continuously enhance infrastructure systems to provide comprehensive solutions for businesses, along with Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers, VNETWORK has introduced the Bare Metal Server solution to cater to the diverse needs of domestic and international customers.

The premium physical server rental solution, “Bare Metal Server” from VNETWORK, has been unveiled, offering outstanding advantages:

  • Superior Performance: Bare Metal Server of VNETWORK inherits the configuration of the latest generation server system, featuring powerful CPU chips such as AMD EPYC or Intel Gold, NVMe SSD storage, and a range of upgrade options. It offers expandable capacity with up to 1028 GB of RAM and 200 Gbps uplinks for network connections, thus maximizing performance for enterprise services.

  • High Availability: With a comprehensive infrastructure, a large number of server systems are situated within Tier III-standard Data Centers owned by prominent ISPs like Viettel IDC, VNPT, FPT, and Mobifone in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. These centers provide swift deployment and infrastructure expansion services within 24 hours, ensuring continuous business operations for enterprises.

  • Flexibility and Cost Optimization: With Bare Metal Server from VNETWORK, businesses can harness the entire robust infrastructure at the most optimized cost. Rapid response is facilitated through 24/7 local support, offered free of charge. The pricing, services, and advanced options are transparently presented, ensuring clarity for clients.

If your business is interested in experiencing the Bare Metal Server solution from VNETWORK, please contact us for consultation and support at the Hotline: (028) 7306 8789 or via email at or

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