Important criteria to choose a good CDN for Website

Latest Update: 24/05/2024

Important criteria to choose a good CDN for Website

As a global CDN and Multi CDN service consultant, VNETWORK helps businesses master the important criteria when choosing to use the right CDN service to speed up their website more effectively. Because one of the questions we get the most from our potential customers is “criteria for a good CDN”.

In this article, we will share with businesses how to choose the right CDN for their website. Because nowadays, there are many different CDN service providers (both domestic and foreign), so learning the technology of each CDN provider will consume a lot of time and effort. Unless the business has used CDN services before or has a clear understanding of the operating principles of different CDN technologies.

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3 Biggest Benefits of CDN

1. Reach customers from many countries

If your customers come from many different countries or even many continents, then CDN will be a powerful support technology for increasing the speed of content delivery for your website!

You don’t have to have millions of users per month to integrate a CDN to speed up your website. But even at low traffic levels (about 1,000 times/day), you still need to integrate CDNs into your website, because they help shorten the data transmission distance to global users and increase the user experience. use, thereby increasing maximum revenue.

2. Reduce the maximum delay due to geographical distance

Latency aka loading time to transmit content such as videos or images, etc. to the end user, how long is the maximum waiting time that a user can wait to load a video? This is extremely important for your business because high latency will make customers leave your website soon and moreover, they will never return to that website again because they know that it always disappoints them.

The geographical distance between the web server and the visitor has a huge impact on the user experience because this distance largely determines the loading speed of the website. The closer the user is to the web server, the less time it takes to transmit data. So, at this time CDN will play the most important role which is to reduce latency to the maximum (ideally < 3s).

Large CDN systems will usually have coverage all over the world, CDN servers will help your website cache website content throughout Pops CDNs in the world and thus shorten the transmission distance. maximum.

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3. Improve web server technology and throughput

Besides the latency, the infrastructure capacity of the web servers also greatly affects the loading speed. The web server may be close to the end user, but the speed of web page content delivery is slow, for a number of reasons as follows:

  • The hard drive of the web server cannot handle the number of users that need to connect at the same time, leading to a queue. Usually, HDD hard drives will not compete with today’s SSD hard drive technology.

  • The server’s hard drive is old and slow, requiring a new hard drive upgrade

  • Web server behind the old technology load balancing system, inefficient operation

  • The internet bandwidth connection to the web server is not large enough to slow down the content transmission.

To solve all the disadvantages and limitations caused by the weak infrastructure capacity of the web server presented above, you can integrate CDN technology into your website, to cache the content from the web server into your website. SSD technology CDN servers, help to speed up the fastest content transmission to users.

Criteria for choosing to use CDN

You must first determine what your business needs are. It can be: dynamic web acceleration, static web, HD standard live video, how much budget, need 24/7 CDN support in what country language… think in detail and write down CDN requirements by categories such as CDN functionality, CDN performance, CDN cost, and CDN support services.

1. Required CDN functionality

You must be able to clearly and unambiguously answer the following two questions:

What can a CDN do?

In addition to basic functions like Origin-Pull and Gzip compression or custom CNAMEs for secure websites.

What can businesses do?

  • View (real-time) statistics on CDN usage

  • Upload files via FTP: with the content on the website, you can directly upload the content to be distributed via CDN to the CDN server with popular protocols such as FTP (FPT supports uploading)

  • Can perform Purge-All via API (CDN admin interface), admin can manipulate via API, no need to go to portal action, making administration easy and convenient.

  • Can override browser caching headers sent by a web server

2. CDN Performance

Performance is most evident in the content transfer rate. You need to evaluate the latency (ms) and throughput (kbit/s) of the CDN system. Values such as min, max, average, and average over a period of time, including normal and peak traffic.

VNETWORK also encourages you to sign up for a trial CDN service at many different providers, in each appropriate geographical area, from which you will have a basis to evaluate the most appropriate CDN service quality.

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3. Cost of using CDN

CDN investment cost is always an issue that many businesses always consider, but don’t let the price affect CDN quality assessment activities, to choose the right CDN for your business needs.

4. CDN Support Service

You need to check the service and support advantages of any CDN provider because when there is any problem, it is also necessary to get the most professional and timely support. Factors to consider are as follows:

  • The friendliness and expertise of the support team

  • How to solve the problem quickly?

  • Quality of CDN admin account management

Good tips to find the right CDN service

To ensure that businesses can use good, appropriate, and high-performance CDN services for websites, applications… businesses should apply some of the following tips:

  • List all your requirements and write them down.

  • Each need has a certain weight to measure CDN performance

  • Collecting information related to the usage of CDN

  • Compare about 3 potential CDN providers

  • Prepare a meeting with each CDN provider and ask your questions

  • Request a trial experience to evaluate CDN quality and enthusiasm when supporting customers

  • Negotiate for the best price if you feel you can go further

Recently, we shared great ways to help businesses understand the important criteria when choosing the right CDN for their website. Businesses can register to try VNETWORK’s CDN service at the contact form below, our experts will support you quickly.

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