How to secure email effectively

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

How to secure email effectively

We live in an era where email is used globally. The methods of email communication have opened up opportunities for successful communication for individuals and businesses, and also raises an important issue that is ensuring the safety of email users in the network environment. many security risks.

Why need email security?

Email is a means of communication used by many people in work and life. Therefore, if you lose control of your email, it is considered that you have given away all your internet assets including your Facebook account, bank account,… to the person who got it.

And yet if it is a work email, it is considered a business secret, your customer information will be leaked, even important customer information may be sold for sale on underground websites. Customer information trading status is known in many countries.

Therefore, to avoid losing personal information or important business data via email, you need to pay more attention to Email Security issues.

How to secure email effectively

Email is a means of communication used by many people

Risks of poor email security

According to research by McAfee Cybersecurity Company (USA) and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (USA), cybersecurity crimes worldwide cause losses of up to 600 billion USD per year. In Vietnam, this figure was 642 million USD in 2018.

Therefore, through this article, we also give information about the risks and losses to users due to poor email security, to alert users and raise awareness of email security in the community. The risks are as follows:

No. 1 : Loss of important information and data via email such as money, confidential company information, …

No. 2 : The ability of the computer and the network system of the business to be infected with malware, or to be monitored by a trojan, or to be encrypted with files on the computer (ransomware), …

No. 3 : Losing email-related accounts such as Facebook, Google, or accounts registered with this email (this can easily lead to acquaintances scams).

No. 4 : Vulnerable to phishing mail - A form of a phishing attack using phishing emails (domain spoofing)

No. 5 : Easy to be spam mail, waste time handling spam mail. Especially junk emails with large attachments will fill up your main memory.

After understanding the importance of information security, individuals, as well as businesses, need to actively explore solutions to enhance email security and operate securely in the network environment, and at the same time business can protect customer information well, increase reputation for the organization.

How to secure email effectively

Many risks and damage to users due to poor email security

10 ways to keep email secure

No matter how advanced email security technology, but the sense of the use of unattended and cautious users, there is no smart tool that can save email users from dangers. this.

The tricks that hackers use to steal user’s email passwords are increasingly sophisticated. While you are adopting specific ways to secure your email, do not rush to overlook the ways to secure the email we have listed below.

1/ Do not save email password on web browser

2/ Limit email login on strange devices or strange (or suspicious) websites

3/ Do not use easy-to-guess email passwords, only use difficult email passwords (including special characters, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers….)

4/ Do not use the same email password with other internet accounts

5/ Use virus scanning software on your computer to avoid being affected by email messages that contain viruses

6/ Do not click anywhere on strange emails, emails containing suspicious URLs

7/ Be on the lookout for promotional emails, promotional emails (they may contain hidden risks)

8/ Do not use public wifi to avoid data theft. Because hackers can set up a fake wifi network close to the official wifi network to exploit data on your computer.

9/ If you have important email transactions, keep track of your email login history regularly

10/ Use a secure domain email system (SECUMAIL) or equip Mail Gateway (email firewall) to filter clean emails before sending them to end-users.

SecuECloud’s email security solution

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The theft and leakage of information via email bring great risks to individuals and businesses. So most large businesses are equipped with at least 1 dedicated email security solution for businesses. Effective email security will help ensure peace of mind for them to operate and protect valuable information of the organization.

In which, “SecuECloud is a new generation email security solution with AI and Machine Learning applications to overcome the weaknesses of other email systems to prevent targeted attacks from hackers” according to Gartner ( a leading global IT research and consulting organization).

ITSCC also recognized that “SecuECloud is qualified to pass the rules of network security and ensure the security of the system in Korea”.

Rapid 7 certified organization: “SecuECloud has passed 364 tests with results without security gaps”.

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