Website security and effective website protection services 2022

Latest Update: 24/05/2024

Website security and effective website protection services 2022

The digital age and the development of online service industries are becoming the target of hackers with many different purposes. According to statistical reports from leading computer anti-virus security organizations in Vietnam, the damage caused by cyberattacks in 2019 has reached nearly VND 21,000 billion and that number has not stopped increasing until today. Therefore, ensuring the security of the website is an extremely necessary thing that businesses need to do right now. Therefore, let’s learn together with VNETWORK how to secure the website and effective website protection services 2022 in the following article.

Solutions to ensure the safety and security of a website

Keep the site up to date: When website security holes are found in software, hackers will quickly find ways to exploit them and cause cyber attacks. Therefore, making sure all software is updated quickly is crucial in detecting vulnerabilities and keeping a website secure. This will help you secure your website even the server operating system and any software running on the website.

Install SSL and use HTTPS on websites: SSL is a secure protocol that allows encrypted communication between a web server and an internet browser. HTTPS assures users that they are interacting with the expected server and that no one else can intercept or change the content they are viewing. Therefore, if your web browser is SSL-installed and uses HTTPS, you can rest assured about the information of your customer transactions. All data on your website will be secure, hackers can’t infiltrate and steal your information.

Use a web application firewall ( Web Application Firewall - WAF): This is considered an effective defense layer to help prevent DDoS attacks, by filtering information connecting via the internet to a network or personal computer. Easily control connections to the website or restrict some connections from users that businesses do not want. Web firewall is the first choice of businesses in website security.

Buy more bandwidth: A large amount of bandwidth will help your website cope with the sudden increase in traffic. Buying more bandwidth won’t stop you from a DDoS attack. However, it will give you more time to act before the server goes down.

The solution to ensure web application security

Today, web applications are indispensable tools in the operation and development of businesses and the daily lives of consumers. Using web applications helps businesses save a large number of resources through which to connect with customers, stay in touch, care for, recommend products, and help promote business. Therefore, the web application contains a lot of sensitive customer information and other financial transactions, so the security of the web application is a must for businesses to do.

Here are effective ways to secure Web sites and web applications:

Check application vulnerabilities before use: You can use support from Pentest services (Penetration Testing) applications for websites or security experts, or network security experts.

Server security of web applications: One of the simplest methods to protect servers is to monitor server security (Security Monitoring), which is an important solution if you want to ensure the security of your application web use.

Activity Logging & Auditing: Most Activity Logging & Auditing will be built-in in into the contents of the IIS (Internet Information Services) software application. Recording activity history on the server can help businesses detect suspicious activities being performed, and Activity Logging & Auditing also provides useful information about user activity on the application web use.

In addition, you can build and develop web applications according to 2.0 standards to the highest security criteria according to OWASP, DSS, PCI… Besides, you can set security layers for each device. the system can detect and defend against network problems or viruses, and hacker attacks.

How to secure web server

Servers (web servers) are always the target of hackers. They often steal valuable information and cause economic losses to businesses by different types of attacks such as denial of service, malicious code insertion, advertisement of unhealthy websites, etc. There are several ways to help you keep your web server secure.

Clean the webserver: You should only keep the services that are necessary for the webserver to limit the risk that unnecessary services will be exploited to attack the system if the server does not have the necessary services. good security mechanism.

Mod - evasive and Mod- security settings: You should consider enabling Mod - evasive and Mod - security settings. The first is an open-source IDS and prevention tool, while the second gives your web server built-in evasion if it detects that your site may be hacked. attack.

Place the web server in the DMZ: a neutral network area between the internal network and the Internet, which contains information that allows users from the Internet to access and accept the risk of attacks from the Internet.

Limiting the number of people with administrative rights or root access: This is one of the effective security measures that applies not only to web servers but to all other operating systems. This way, your servers will be added an extra layer of defense in case an attacker wants to perform information theft.

network security software and services: This measure helps to report vulnerabilities to detect unauthorized access to the server, set the software to warn of malicious actions, and capture their sessions for viewing.

The most popular website security services

Safety is extremely important, especially on your website. Let’s look at some services you can use to increase business efficiency, and ensure customer interaction by creating a safe, secure website.

Cloudflare is a WAF service that will filter incoming traffic and protect your website from malicious actors. It uses powerful machine learning engines to learn from attacks on the 25 million websites it protects, so scanning is automated and doesn’t require any additional input. from you. However, if you notice that there are specific, repeat attacks against your site, you can define your own set of rules and block specific IP addresses.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is committed to helping you achieve the highest level of security in the cloud. AWS can detect entire classes of misconfigurations that expose vulnerable data using automated technology, applying mathematical logic to help answer critical infrastructure questions. We call this provable security, which helps provide a higher level of security assurance in the cloud and the cloud.

PT Security is the world’s leading provider of enterprise security solutions for vulnerability and compliance management, incident and threat analysis, and application protection. The security firm’s experts have helped identify and fix more than 250 zero-day vulnerabilities in products from Cisco, Google, Honeywell, Huawei, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Schneider Electric, Siemens, and more.

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