VNETWORK: DDoS prevention for game servers

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

VNETWORK: DDoS prevention for game servers

Currently, the online gaming industry is the target of a worldwide cyberattack campaign. When attacked, companies often experience network disruptions and service degradation resulting in players being disconnected or prevented from accessing game content. These attacks affect user experience, game quality, and business reputation. Let’s learn how to fight DDoS Server Game and Windows Server with VNETWORK in the following article:

How to DDoS Server Game that Hackers often do

UDP - User Datagram Protocol: this is an unreliable network connection protocol. The UDP attack targets ports on the remote host with bulk UDP packets, causing the servers to check for applications listening on these ports but find no applications.

SYN Flood: An attack that exploits weaknesses in the TCP connection chain, relying on incomplete connections. When a certain user makes a TCP Syn request, it will not receive a response from the server, meaning the connection is not active.

HTTP Flood: is the form in which almost legitimate HTTP GET or POST requests are exploited by hackers. The HTTP Flood attack uses a series of botnets and thousands of computers, which have been controlled by the use of malicious software. This method will use less bandwidth than other types of attacks, but the servers are forced to use the maximum resources.

Ping of Death: manipulates IP protocols by sending lots of malicious pings to a system, and this type of attack will often be encountered on Windows NT operating systems and below. This Ping of Death DDoS attack was more common two decades ago than it is now, so it’s usually not very effective at this point.

In addition, there are other forms of attack such as Smurf Attack, Fraggle Attack, Slowloris, NTP Amplification, HTTP GET, Advanced persistent Dos (APDos),…

DDoS Server Game Tool that Hackers often use

Using the Tool to inquire about Server games like Minecraft, Samp or CSGO is not too strange for all of us. Let’s learn about some of the most commonly used tools in DDoS Server Game attacks today:

  • AnonGhost DDoS
  • Mummy Ghost DDoS (v1.4)
  • NetDestroyer (v1)
  • SOIC strong Orbit cans Cannon
  • SMG Doser
  • Server Fluder
  • Zaps UDP Flooder (v1)
  • NinjaGhost - UDP Flooder

VNETWORK: DDoS prevention for game servers

AnonGhost DDoS

The DDoS Server Tools that Hackers often use

Below is a list of the most popular DDoS Server Tools available in the market.

  • SEM SolarWinds: Effective prevention and mitigation to prevent DDoS attacks
  • HULK: Generate unique and little known traffic
  • Slowloris: Send authorized HTTP traffic to the server
  • LOIC: UDP, TCP, and HTTP requests to the server
  • XOIC: DoS attack with TCP or HTTP or UDP or ICMP messages

VNETWORK: DDoS prevention for game servers

Slowloris tool interface

How to fight DDoS Server

  • Hardware upgrade

Investing in quality routers, cables, switches, and network cards will help you detect DDoS attacks early and even prevent them.

However, the investment in purchasing network hardware devices can be very difficult for businesses due to the expensive cost. Furthermore, enterprises often do not have the necessary resources and skills to operate a separate network of hardware.

  • Remove hole holes in the website

Currently, one of the most effective ways to combat DDoS is to fix website vulnerabilities. Regularly update to the latest developer versions. After upgrading to the new version (website built on WordPress). Besides, you can also use some security plugins. However, you should choose carefully, avoid installing too many plugins, and most importantly, use high-quality services.

  • Increase bandwidth and Server capacity

Upgrading the web server will help you partly prevent DDoS attacks. On the other hand, it also helps your website to serve more customers, thereby bringing in better revenue.

Anti-DDoS for Windows Server

You can use anti-DDoS Server methods to apply the anti-DDoS Server Windows process. In addition, you can use the following suggestions to improve efficiency:

  • Using WAF VÀ CDN

This is an effective anti-DDoS method used by many large enterprises. WAF is capable of detecting and preventing DDoS attacks by monitoring traffic fluctuations and stopping them. CDN is a content delivery network (CDN). Once you use CDN, it will be very difficult for hackers to launch DDoS attacks against you.

  • Distribute many servers in many places

Dispersing the servers geographically will partly help to prevent the servers from being affected at the same time by DDoS attacks. Of course, these centers must have a good load balancing system to distribute the traffic between them. It is even better if these centers are located in different countries or regions.

Proxy Anti DDoS

Proxy Anti DDoS is a multi-layer firewall that stands between the user and the server, which is responsible for analyzing and neutralizing attack connections.

Anti-DDoS Proxy service provides data filters - filter traffic at various layers in the OSI model, including layer 3, layer 4, and layer 7.

These filters stand between the protected Server and the user to provide comprehensive protection, improve stability and help the system withstand UDP Attacks, TCP SYN Flood, SYN-ACK Reflection Attacks, ICMP Attacks, DNS Amplification Attacks, HTTP Attacks…

VNETWORK: DDoS prevention for game servers

Currently, Proxy services are being widely sold with many different qualities and prices. However, most of the current Proxy service providers only provide this service to customers who rent and use their own VPS/Server. This causes many controversies as well as difficulties when customers only need to buy Proxy services.

Coming to VNETWORK, you will experience a comprehensive Anti-DDoS service, whether you are using VPS/Server at any provider in the world.

VNIS fights DDoS for Server Game by combining solutions and people

VNETWORK has CDN, Multi-CDN system in 32 countries (with more than 2,300 PoPs in the world), and Cloud WAF system located in more than 8 countries, supporting Web Socket suitable for all kinds of games and content transmission quickly to users around the world, helping businesses fight DDoS for Server Game when there are DDoS attacks and attacks from top 10 vulnerabilities OWASP helps businesses fight DDoS for Server Game efficient and fast.

In addition, Using WAF (web application firewall) is a way to prevent DDoS for Web Server Game is the best today, especially for large enterprises. Cloud WAF can detect and prevent DDoS attacks by monitoring anomalous traffic and blocking their access.

VNETWORK: DDoS prevention for game servers

In addition to quality systems and services, VNETWORK also has SOC Centers that operate quickly and accurately to ensure timely detection and response to attacks. With SOC systems in the top 4 countries in terms of cybersecurity, VNETWORK’s SOC has been protecting many press websites from mass DDoS attacks in the past year 2021. At VNETWORK, we have continuously maintained the process of upgrading and developing in-depth expertise for our engineering team, ensuring the minimum time to contain threats.

If you are being attacked or want to experience a comprehensive Anti-DDoS service for Game Server with Cloud WAF system and Asia’s leading CDN technology, please contact VNETWORK immediately at the hotline: (028) 7306 8789.

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