The S1H branch cable AAG had a problem on 11/13/2020

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

The S1H branch cable AAG had a problem on 11/13/2020

In 2020, there will be continuous incidents of marine optical cable, affecting Vietnam’s ability to connect to the Internet in Vietnam to international.

Specifically, on November 13, 2020, internet connection problems occurred on the S1H branch of the Asia America Gateway - AAG international undersea cable line. The 20,000km AAG (Asia-America Gateway) undersea cable connecting Southeast Asia with the US had a problem at 20:55 on 11/13/2020. The error occurred on branch S1H, the section connecting Vietnam to Hong Kong (China), located 107.7km from the Vung Tau landing station.

After that, the team of specialists diverted internet traffic in another direction to ensure the quality of service in the country to the world without interruption. This shows that the ability of Internet service provider (ISP) to fail in the case has been significantly improved in Vietnam. Vietnamese ISPs participating in this cable route include VNPT, Viettel, FPT Telecom, CMC Telecom.

The frequent incidents of marine fiber optic cable have created negative impacts on the work of users and domestic and foreign businesses.

Therefore, the use of website backup solutions with CDN services domestically and internationally (Multi CDN service) will help increase the website redundancy when users need to access the content. cross country.

How does CDN solve international cable breakage?

The S1H branch cable AAG had a problem on 11/13/2020

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is an indispensable solution to convey website content for online businesses on a global scale.

CDN technology helps bring digital content closer to the end-user, shortening the maximum transmission distance. The content that the user needs will be taken from the nearest CDN server, reducing the page load time and returning the results immediately to the user.

That means, when the international internet connection has problems, the CDN server overseas can still return the data retrieval results to the user immediately.

In addition, backing up static data to the cache of the CDN server will reduce a load of data access directly to the server, save bandwidth, increase Server life and enhance security and prevent DDoS attacks. to your web server.

Using many CDNs most economically and effectively

The S1H branch cable AAG had a problem on 11/13/2020

VNIS helps Integrate leading CDN systems into one perfect platform

Registering, monitoring, and managing multiple CDN systems at the same time is a major challenge since all CDNs have different mechanisms of action and monitoring. VNIS is a platform that not only makes it easy to register multiple CDNs but also serves as a means to coordinate them to help the website achieve higher performance and reliability.

Register and start using Multi CDN 7 days for free

Using Multi CDN

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