Content Delivery Network (CDN) market demand & trends

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Content Delivery Network (CDN) market demand & trends

1. Market Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN has been distributed in the market for many years, with the main purpose of increasing the speed of video transmission for e-commerce websites, live streaming events with huge viewership, movie streaming. HD, Online games, …

As a result, many business initiatives with different strategies are taken by competitors in key markets, in order to strengthen their foothold in this compelling CDN services business.

You can see the CDN in turn is combined with many different services such as Live Streaming Delivery Network (LSDN), transcoding, cloud storage,…

2. The strength of CDN

Content Delivery Network (CDN) market demand & trends

To understand the true power of CDN in delivering content, you can check out the analysis below

2.1 Use a CDN or not use a CDN?

The big question for website owners is whether to use a CDN or not? Consider the following reasons:

  • If you want to expand your site’s reach globally. The best solution is to use the CDN content delivery network to deliver your content in different parts of the world with the lowest latency.
  • If you want to increase the capacity to accommodate huge traffic on your website, you need a CDN. Without a CDN, all web requests would have to be met by the root server itself, easily leading to overloading the root server, delay in returning results to the user, and even a reduction in the root server’s life. If there is a CDN, the traffic will be spread out across different servers. As a result, no one server gets overwhelmed by traffic.
  • If you want to increase the SEO score for your website, you can also use a CDN to maximize your website speed for more traffic, and Google has a higher SEO rating.

2.2 How does a CDN deliver dynamic and static content?

When integrating a CDN into a web page with dynamic content, user requests will generate scripts in the CDN cache instead of a remote root server, the dynamic web content will deliver to the user from the This buffer, from which the CDN can effectively speed up the response of dynamic websites.

The static content on your website (such as JavaScript, CSS, images) is delivered from the CDN edge server cache and this is a typical use case of a CDN.

2.3 CDN with Cloud security

Our cloud security solutions help you keep your website and data safe, prevent downtime, and steal important data.

2.4 Optimize website performance with CDN

CDN content delivery network is one of the effective solutions for increasing website speed. CDN global network allows you to use a large number of CDN servers in many different parts of the world, to host website and deliver content on the website to end users fastest.

CDN technology may only be suitable for large enterprises at first. However, CDN vendors are also geared towards SMEs. Because now every website can use a CDN to stream content faster.

3. Application of CDN

Content Delivery Network (CDN) market demand & trends

The CDN effectively shortens the content transmission distance

3.1 CDN for Media & Entertainment (media, entertainment)

Mass portals often face a spike in visitors every time they share featured news that is particularly attractive to society. Therefore, CDN technology is widely used in the media & entertainment industry to assist in transmitting high-quality audio and video content to users.

3.2 CDN for health organizations

CDN service is also used for healthcare organizations, in web application software, CDN helps to optimize the timely provision of data for data storage applications and the health situation of the patient. The CDN also minimizes DDoS attacks on the hospital web application.

3.3 CDN for retail channels

CDN for e-commerce sites, which enhances the online experience

3.4 CDN for Online Gaming

CDN helps store online game content quickly and simply with a cloud-based storage solution distributed globally, providing reliable performance and high savings.

3.5 CDN for IT & Telecom

Information technology and telecommunications companies often use CDN technology integrated into their systems to optimize the delivery of digital content.

3.6 CDN for Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI)

Companies in the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) sectors often use CDN technology not only to improve web application performance but also to keep their infrastructure secure. safety, anti-down time, web crashes when the number of users increases too large. They need to integrate CDN technology into the system to easily handle a large number of users, without upgrading information technology infrastructure.

3.7 CDN for Public Sector (community)

Government organizations can use CDNs to improve the security, performance, and scale of their website projects, ensuring public service without obstacles on a worldwide data transmission line. country.

4. Vivid picture of the CDN market

Content Delivery Network (CDN) market demand & trends

The CDN market is growing very strongly

The CDN service market is highly competitive, due to the presence of large CDN providers. The strategic approaches of these suppliers are constantly being created, aiming to expand globally and strengthen their own brands.

If you want to use a foreign CDN, you can also consider using CDNs from providers like: Akamai, Amazon, CenturyLink, Google, IBM, Verizon Digital Media, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, limelight networks, Quantil, CDNetworks and Fastly, …

Particularly in the Vietnamese market, VNCDN is considered as the largest CDN service provider in the country, with CDN Server infrastructure covering all data centers such as Viettel, VNPT, CMC, FPT, … Total internal bandwidth water more than 2Tbps. Meet more than 2,000,000 CCU. Make sure to meet the fastest content transmission needs, anytime and on any device.

In addition, we also developed a CDN global alliance system with Muli CDN (power-ups CDN), you can distribute content in any country and manage Multi CDN on a single platform. . Smart Multi CDN management platform with AI load balancing technology of VNIS will help you save CDN cost-effectively and ensure the best website performance, all the time.

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