Why CDN Technology is Important for OTT

Latest Update: 24/05/2024

Why CDN Technology is Important for OTT

As the world is developing, the demand for CDN technology in the OTT industry is constantly increasing. CDN helps OTT businesses no longer depend on a server and ensure the quality of their online video streaming. In this article, we will talk about how CDN technology supports the OTT platform.

What is OTT và CDN?

Over-the-Top (OTT) are media services that deliver movies and TV shows over the internet. Examples are Hulu, Netflix, and Amazing Prime. These platforms have apps and websites that users can access to view content after signing up.

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) requires multiple proxy servers in different data centers located in many countries. OTT businesses can use CDN technology to store information such as videos and subtitles for their OTT platform. In addition, CDN technology brings many other great benefits to the OTT industry.

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What benefits does CDN service bring to the OTT industry?

Investing in CDN services on the enterprise’s OTT platform is always the right solution to bring high profits to the organization. Here are the great benefits that CDN services bring to every OTT industry.

Why CDN Technology is Important for OTT

1. Always-available content cache

An enterprise OTT platform will work well because a CDN is a great place to host videos. CDN caching will temporarily store your website data.

CDN technology will store web pages, videos, articles, user components, and the user’s past viewing history on the website.

Cached data helps end users access information on your website quickly. The need to reload the page will no longer be necessary as the CDN’s cached data is always available.

2. Add more servers in many places

Today, CDN servers make the enterprise OTT platform more powerful than using traditional web hosting systems. These multiple servers make the enterprise OTT platform work well in any geographical location of the customer.

3. Increased end-user experience

Users on all OTT platforms will enjoy fast and smooth web content loading. Any OTT streaming service powered by CDN technology achieves high speeds.

CDN services give your customers a great experience. This is also a factor that helps OTT businesses become more competitive, as viewers are increasingly impatient with slow-loading OTT platforms.

As long as there is a stable internet connection, data from the servers will move quickly. So your OTT service will work well even if there is a traffic spike because there are too many viewers at the same time.

4. 100% Uptime OTT Platform

Any online OTT platform needs to have a high loading speed, as 95% of the end users on social media are engaged in creating engaging and trending content.

Using CDN technology will help your OTT platform have an uptime of up to 100%. Users won’t have to wait to upload their videos.

5. Improve user data security on the OTT platform

Your OTT platform will stay safe from attacks like DDoS thanks to the ubiquitous CDN network. OTT enterprise servers will not face any threats.

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Many OTT users like Netflix and Hulu love to watch high-quality, fast-loading content. When businesses use CDN to manage the OTT platform, they will get high performance with more traffic. In addition, users’ data on the OTT platform will be secure. Therefore, it is time for businesses to improve their traditional servers on OTT and switch to using CDN technology to strongly develop their OTT platform.

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