Ransomware encrypted Argentina government's 10-year data

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Ransomware encrypted Argentina government's 10-year data

According to a press release by Alicia Banuelos, Argentina’s Minister of Science and Technology, confirmed that important government records were encrypted by a ransomware attack that took place on November 25, 2019

Ransomware encrypted Argentina government's 10-year data

Argentine government’s 10-year data is fully encrypted by Ransomware

The organization has said that government data is now stored in a dedicated and hacked data center.

However, the organization also shared that most of the files encrypted by ransomware virus have been decoded more than 90%. This amount of data accounts for more than 7,770GB, equivalent to about 10 years of storage.

How ransomware can get into a data center network and access to government data is still a big unknown.

Cyber Security experts say the process of performing decrypting and recovering data can take up to 15 days (from December 1 to December 15) and the reason for such a long time is due to the Excessive scale of this resource.

It is reported that the Hacker team also requested a huge ransom in exchange for the recovery of this encrypted data block, which is estimated to range from 35 to 50 BTC (Bitcoin). However, the Argentine authorities refused to negotiate with the hackers and they chose to restore data from backups.

Another noteworthy information about Ransomware: on November 18, 2019, a US CyrusOne data center was also attacked by hackers encrypting data with Sodinokibi Ransomware type (a type of Ransomware used). a zero-day vulnerability that previously attacked Windows).

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