Threat from phishing emails to Logistics businesses

Latest Update: 24/05/2024

Threat from phishing emails to Logistics businesses

What is a commercial money transfer scam email?

Commercial wire fraud is a type of fraudulent activity that uses electronic means to misappropriate funds from businesses. Fraudsters often use methods to infiltrate the email systems of logistics businesses, then fake information and request money to be transferred to accounts at international banks.

Commercial money transfer fraud email attacks

Commercial money transfer phishing attacks via email often begin with hackers breaking into a business's email system. Then, the hacker will monitor the transaction information and send a fake email to someone in the business, requesting to transfer money to a certain account. This fake email (phishing email) is often designed to look very similar to the official email of the business or partner, with the purpose of misleading the email recipient.

Another method of commercial money transfer fraud attacks via email is for hackers to use malware to infiltrate a business's system. After successful intrusion, hackers can forge information on the business's email and make a request to transfer money to a certain account.

Phishing emails - A threat to logistics businesses

Commercial remittance phishing attacks via email can cause significant financial and reputational loss to logistics businesses. If scammed, businesses can lose millions of dollars in just one money transfer. In addition, being scammed can also cause damage to a business's reputation, causing customers and partners to lose confidence in the business's capabilities and reliability.

In addition, logistics businesses can be destroyed or have important information exposed if hackers infiltrate the system. This information may include customer information, order information, shipping information and other information related to the business's business operations.

Measures to protect businesses from phishing emails

To protect logistics businesses from commercial remittance scam emails, companies can adopt security measures, including:

Check email address and sender name

Companies need to check whether the email address and sender name match the information of people within the company. If not, it could be a sign of a phishing attack.

Use email encryption

Companies need to use email encryption to protect their important information from being leaked to the outside world.

Verify information before transferring money

Logistics businesses should verify information before transferring money. They should contact the person placing the order or the person needing payment directly to confirm the money transfer information.

Use security technology

Logistics businesses should use email security technology solutions to prevent malware and malicious code from entering their systems through phishing emails.

Mail Gateway EG-Platform - Solution to prevent email attacks

Mail Gateway EG-Platform is a comprehensive email security solution for businesses, with the ability to protect both receiving and sending emails. In particular, with the outstanding ability to prevent email phishing scams, incoming emails will be checked to detect signs of fraud and stop them before they can cause damage to the business. This will help businesses stay safe from all attacks, especially commercial money transfer fraud attacks via email.

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