Email Security Gateway - Applying AI technology to security

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Email Security Gateway - Applying AI technology to security

While cyberattacks are on the rise across a number of threats, email remains the most common channel for targeted attacks. VNETWORK has reviewed many of the threats to email security faced by businesses. Email Security Gateway based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is what businesses can choose to effectively mitigate those threats.

AI is essential for security

As ransomware, malware, and viruses proliferate and are primarily sent via email, businesses need to secure their defenses. According to recent research, 51% of advanced phishing threats require both AI and Machine Learning to identify and prevent.

Take a look at the following scenario: your company has just hired a new analyst and their job is to read every email on behalf of everyone in your organization. At the same time, they must read it and immediately determine if the email is a phishing email.

It is an impossible task for humans, but not for AI. When AI technology is applied and used properly, it resembles a superhuman. AI is indispensable for any email security gateway. But saying that you only use AI and Machine Learning is not enough. Instead, it is important that the AI is trained on the best data set.

When your AI is trained on rich data from the most sophisticated attacks. A well-functioning AI sees patterns in data that the human eye completely misses. These data samples are then compiled and fed into AI, allowing it to detect security occurrences that no human can match. For example, it can lead to over 99% reduction in the number of phishing emails arriving in the inbox. Besides, when you combine powerful AI with powerful malware detection tools, you will benefit from the battle against attacks.

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AI is trained on data related to sophisticated attacks

AI-based threats

Along with types of email security , there are also emerging threats. developed on AI. Cybersecurity and privacy experts have agreed that AI has the potential to be applied to cyberattacks in the near future. In addition, based on the AI’s ability to learn and reach the target, it will become a formidable opponent. Email is a medium that has the potential to become a decoy to spread malware. Furthermore, the addition of AI to the malware makes phishing emails harder to detect.

Therefore, it is more important for businesses to equip themselves with an email firewall system (best email security gateway) based on AI to combat the threat.

Email Security Gateway - EG Platform applying AI technology and Machine Learning

As analyzed in the article, an email gateway integrating AI artificial intelligence technology is the solution that businesses are looking for. Email Security Gateway EG Platform is a comprehensive email security solution certified by Gartner, the system is perfectly integrated with AI and Machine Learning, helping customers to have a better security experience.

To meet the email security needs of businesses, theEG Platform email gateway of VNETWORK provides a full range of filters: SpamGUARD, SendGUARD, ReceiveGUARD. These features are intended to protect and overcome the vulnerabilities of the email system, against technical attacks such as BEC, APT, etc.

SpamGUARD: The spam mail filtering system is set up according to the user’s criteria. , minimize email phishing, viruses, and ransomware.

ReceiveGUARD: Defend against Social Engineering attacks through behavioral analysis. The system can detect potentially dangerous content and images, hidden URLs in attachments. Proactively block malware and ransomware before emails reach users. In addition, when detecting abnormal behavior, the system will automatically convert the risks into images and warn the user.

SendGUARD: Prevent information leakage on the system, build keyword filters for each business account. In addition, the system will promptly detect and prevent your email from going out if the email contains a virus.

Email firewall system (email security gateway) EG Platform is a comprehensive email security solution of VNETWORK. Thanks to this solution, businesses will create a safe working environment that will not face any targeted attacks.

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