3-layer secure with Gartner standard Email Security Gateway

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

3-layer secure with Gartner standard Email Security Gateway

Attack on corporate email is increasing, affecting the business operations of organizations. Therefore, in this article, we want to introduce a new solution to prevent intelligent email attacks. This mail gateway system is capable of preventing all targeted email attacks (such as APT, BEC attack) and phishing mail attacks with 3 layer email security system.

However, before we learn about email security solutions, we need to know why some email filters are not effective so that we have better orientation in the process of caring and protecting. for your email system.

3-layer secure with Gartner standard Email Security Gateway

Email domain names are always the target of hacker/spammer attacks

1. Why are mail filters ineffective?

An email is a tool used by millions of people in communicating around the world. However, spam interfered with users’ emails, consuming their resources, time, and money. The amount of email spam accounts for 80% of the total number of emails.

Besides, another target of hackers and spammers is the mail servers, email attacks can disturb the activities of the company, costing them money as well as their reputation.

Although today most mail servers have spam and virus filters. But most built-in mail filters are ineffective or administrators need to study and set rules a lot to achieve certain efficiency. It will take a lot of administrator time (regularly monitoring the system, regularly collecting user comments to set effective rules) or may result in rule conflicts leading to ineffective email filtering.

There are a lot of input mail filters available, but using all of them will not prevent email attacks completely, but will also slow down the delivery of mail. So choosing an intelligent and efficient mail filter system is essential.

2. Benefits of smart email filters?

A smart email security system is an essential solution to protect your personal email account and your corporate mail server. The great benefits that businesses will get when equipped with an intelligent mail filtering system are as follows:

Make sure the email the company receives is clean email content and is consistent with company rules

Avoid getting malware infection internally

Avoid fraud and financial loss due to phishing mail

Avoid losing important business information

Ensure email sent out is also clean email, avoid affecting email domain name of the business

3. Asia’s leading Security Gateway Email Solution

SECU ECloud is considered a professional email firewall system, capable of preventing any email attack. SECU ECloud has 2 options for your business.

If you are a new business, you need to initiate a domain email service, you can use the secure domain email package from SECU ECloud. Includes domain email package and email firewall package

If you already have domain email but don’t have email protection or the existing mail filter isn’t working properly, you just need to retrofit the SECU ECloud email firewall package (integrating this email firewall is simple, quick, and does not affect any activities of the business).

4. Operation mechanism of SECU ECloud

3-layer secure with Gartner standard Email Security Gateway

Combo package email domain and Email firewall

Map of mail sent and received, ensuring email to end-users is the cleanest mail

3-layer secure with Gartner standard Email Security Gateway

Secure sent email

3-layer secure with Gartner standard Email Security Gateway

Secure receive email

Efficiency achieved with SECU ECloud integration:

1 / Minimize dangerous mail (malware, ransomware, mail containing dangerous URL, phishing mail) to users.

2 / Manage all emails before sending them out.

3 / Minimize annoying spam emails.

4 / Simple management and reporting interface, reducing the time load for administrators

VNETWORK has a team that monitors the network continuously, helping the administrator to control the email attacks and has enough time to handle them.

For inquiries or support for business email security solutions, please contact HL: (028) 7306 8789

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