ePublisher: What is the optimal solution to approach readers?

Latest Update: 15/04/2024

ePublisher: What is the optimal solution to approach readers?

The current trend favors online reading, opening up numerous potential opportunities for ePublishers to develop and enhance their positions in the market. Wide accessibility and flexibility in content distribution are crucial factors helping ePublishers attract global readership, enhance interaction, and build a loyal reader base. So what is the optimal solution to help businesses effectively reach readers in today's era? Let's explore VNETWORK in the following article.

The potential and trends of the ePublisher in 2024

The market is experiencing strong growth

According to both the 2023 Statista report, "Vietnam from 2017 to 2027," and the 2023 Nielsen report, "Vietnam Online Book Market 2023," there will be an estimated 42.3 million online book readers in Vietnam in 2024. Furthermore, according to the Nielsen report, 71% of Internet users in Vietnam will be reading books online. This rise in online readership signifies that users are increasingly utilizing online services and platforms for their flexibility and convenience.

Moreover, digital transformation has changed reading habits, with many users transitioning from reading physical newspapers to accessing information through electronic devices. News applications and online newspaper websites are expanding their offerings to meet the needs of readers.

Diverse Content Trends

There is a growing demand for diverse content, including e-books, audiobooks, and interactive books, which is receiving increasing interest from readers. To meet this demand, e-publishing channels are incorporating text, video, and podcast content, as well as leveraging social media and video platforms to reach readers.

Incorporating video and podcast content into e-publishing platforms is an effective strategy for fostering deeper engagement and interaction with readers. Video can deliver information visually and engagingly, while podcasts provide a convenient option for listeners to focus on content while on the move or engaging in other activities.

Broadening their readership is another benefit of incorporating these types of content. For example, an article can be accompanied by video interviews or a podcast version with in-depth discussions on the topic, attracting readers with diverse interests, such as video interviews or podcast versions with in-depth discussions on the topic.

Challenges in approaching online audiences

Slow content delivery and poor website performance

In the fast-paced landscape of the Internet, users are presented with an array of choices, spanning from online news outlets to personal blogs and interactive forums. This intense competition places substantial pressure on digital news channels, necessitating their relentless efforts to captivate and retain readers. Video and audio content have emerged as prominent trends, adopted by many digital news platforms for their ability to engage audiences more effectively than mere text.

Nevertheless, the integration of video and audio content introduces certain challenges regarding website bandwidth. These media formats typically demand more bandwidth compared to textual content, resulting in sluggish page loading speeds. Extended wait times for content retrieval or updates can significantly impede user experience and browsing efficiency. Consequently, this leads to heightened bounce rates as users encounter suboptimal browsing encounters. This dilemma poses a significant hurdle for digital news outlets seeking to optimize the publication and storage of multimedia files on their websites.

Low website security proficiency

Another critical consideration is the security of websites owned by digital news entities, which often face large daily traffic volumes, providing opportunities for hackers to conduct DDoS attacks. These attacks overload systems and cause serious losses. They not only affect user access but also result in revenue loss from advertising and damage to brand reputation. If not addressed promptly and effectively, DDoS attacks can significantly impair operational performance and create negative perceptions of the website.

To prevent DDoS attacks, digital publishing channels need to deploy robust security measures. This includes utilizing DDoS attack prevention solutions, optimizing system and network configurations, regularly updating and securing software systems, as well as implementing firewall protection measures.

Difficulty in compatibility across multiple devices

One of the critical challenges in reaching online readers is ensuring the compatibility of content with various platforms and devices. If content is not properly optimized for every platform and device, readers may encounter difficulties accessing or experiencing the content, potentially leading to inaccurate displays or loss of information appeal.

To address this issue, publishing channels need to employ advanced delivery solutions to optimize content for a variety of platforms and devices. This entails utilizing modern technologies and solutions to distribute content flexibly and compatible across all devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones and tablets.

How does VNCDN help publishers directly address these challenges?

The VNCDN solution is the leading CDN solution in Asia today, developed by VNETWORK Corporation, helping ensure fast content delivery and stable performance with an uptime rate of up to 99.9% for digital news channels' websites/applications. With advanced CDN technology, VNCDN enhances business efficiency, improves reader experience, while reducing system operation costs and safeguarding information on websites.

Enhancing website performance and global user access with a robust and modern infrastructure

VNETWORK owns a powerful infrastructure with over 280 Points of Presence (POPs) in 33 countries worldwide, built on advanced technology platforms, meeting international standards for reliability, security, and performance. With international uplink bandwidth of up to 57 Tbps, VNETWORK's VNCDN solution provides high-quality transmission services, meeting the needs of businesses and organizations worldwide.

Additionally, VNETWORK's infrastructure is expanded at leading tier 3 data centers across Vietnam, such as Viettel, FPT, VNPT, and Mobifone. With a total domestic uplink bandwidth of up to 10 Tbps, VNCDN's system can serve over 5 million users simultaneously and successfully handle over 8 billion requests per day.

VNCDN utilizes NVMe+ and SSD standard servers to accelerate data transmission speeds and enhance website performance. NVMe+ and SSD standard servers are solid-state drives (SSDs) using the NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) protocol to connect to the PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) port on the motherboard.

Accelerating website load speeds, supporting multi content, and cross-device compatibility with a powerful CDN system

In addition to its robust infrastructure, the VNCDN solution provides many superior features to ensure flexibility and effectiveness for digital news channels. Support for the HTTP/3 protocol brings many improvements in performance and security, minimizing latency across all devices by transmitting multiple streams of data simultaneously over a single connection using multiplexing techniques.

Moreover, the image format conversion feature to WebP format applies compression techniques, file compression, and low-size image formats, effectively reducing file sizes while maintaining image quality on websites. This helps reduce the amount of data to be transmitted, thereby increasing page load speeds and providing a better experience for readers.

Enhancing website security and stability

VNCDN's advanced features not only enhance performance but also play a crucial role in protecting businesses against complex cybersecurity threats. By hiding IPs, VNCDN's system prevents targeted attacks from network intruders. Additionally, VNCDN's Origin Shield serves stored content to users when there is no new data from the origin server, reducing the number of requests for new data and limiting new connection requests to the origin server, maintaining performance and reducing the risk of overload.

Furthermore, the automatic PoP conversion feature maintains stable operation and efficiently restores data in case of incidents, minimizing response times and ensuring continuous operation of digital news channels' systems. Finally, the ability to prevent content theft and hotlinking on other websites through integrated Token and CORS ensures not only content rights protection but also keeps digital news channels' data securely and effectively controlled.

24/7 monitoring and support

The timely, flexible, and professional response capabilities of VNETWORK's expert team ensure effective support for digital news channels to address any arising issues. With the participation of experienced experts globally, VNETWORK's support team is always ready to monitor and detect any signs of abnormalities to promptly handle potential incidents or DDoS attacks. This helps minimize damage, ensure continuous and stable operation for digital news channels' systems.


VNCDN emerges as an effective solution for the digital news industry, ensuring smooth and stable website operation. With VNCDN, businesses can leverage a robust content distribution system to meet the fast access needs of readers. Moreover, utilizing VNCDN helps reduce page load times and enhance user experience, enabling website scalability, alleviating server infrastructure pressure, and enhancing security.

With its outstanding advantages, VNCDN stands as an efficient and reliable content delivery solution for digital news channels today. Contact our hotline at (028) 7306 8789 or email us at contact@vnetwork for detailed consultation and to experience the 7-day trial package with the 1TB VNCDN offer.

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