Prevent attacks more effectively with anti-DDoS firewall

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Prevent attacks more effectively with anti-DDoS firewall

Nowadays, DDoS attacks happen every day on the internet. The IT systems of organizations and businesses, whether large or small, are at risk of being attacked. Moreover, DDoS attacks are also used by hackers to distract cybersecurity experts to launch intrusive attack campaigns, steal data, etc., causing serious financial and reputational damage. brand signal.

For that reason, businesses and organizations are always trying to find effective anti-DDoS firewall solutions to minimize network security risks.

What is a DDoS attack?

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), that is, distributed denial of service.This is a type of attack that aims to exhaust the server system’s resources and overload Internet bandwidth traffic.Thereby, causing the access from the user to the server to be interrupted, the website or even an entire intranet system to be down (downtime) for a period of time.

What are the consequences of a DDoS attack?

When being attacked by DDoS, the server system and website crashes, making it inaccessible to users.As a result, businesses will lose revenue, and even have to spend more to fix the problem.

When the website is down, all network-requiring jobs cannot be performed, disrupting and affecting the performance of the entire system.

If users visit the website during downtime, it will affect the reputation of the business.In case the website goes down for a long time, users may leave and choose a competitor’s service.

Even highly technical DDoS attacks can steal customer data and leak important business information.

The most effective anti-DDoS methods

Anti-DDoS Firewall (Anti-DDoS Firewall)

As mentioned, DDoS attacks try to bring down the origin server by flooding it with a large number of illegal requests.Preventing DDoS attacks by traditional firewalls is difficult to achieve effectively.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) can act as an anti-DDoS firewall (Anti-DDoS Firewall), intelligently removing bad requests is an effective and optimal alternative for protection from DDoS attacks.

WAF, typically implemented in the cloud, responds to suspicious application requests by sending cookies or other responses, making sure it’s a real user and the request is valid, before allowing access the system.

This is considered the most effective and optimal anti-DDoS method.Besides, some other methods are also used in combination such as:

Use anti-DDoS hardware

Anti-DDoS hardware or physical firewall is the layer of defense that stands between attackers and your network.While anti-DDoS hardware can protect your system from some typical attacks, maintaining anti-DDoS hardware for VPS can be costly.

In addition to hardware investment costs, there are operating costs for facilities and personnel to maintain, repair and operate the equipment.Besides, there are other expenses such as depreciation and equipment upgrades.

Use anti-DDoS CDN

Using a CDN helps to hide the origin server’s IP address from snooping attacks.Due to owning a network of many servers everywhere, the IP address to access will be distributed and different between the servers, making it impossible for the attacker to know which is the IP address of the origin server.

In addition, CDNs also help mitigate DDoS attacks by distributing traffic sent to the origin server through multiple points on the server network.Each server in the CDN can split up to handle a small amount of traffic instead of letting one server gets overloaded.

Firewall Anti DDoS system at VNETWORK

Businesses are too focused on protecting the server system that they forget about their end-users.Personally identifiable information (PII), private health information (PHI), financial information, legal documents, … of users are all at risk of being stolen easily if businesses do not develop comprehensive and appropriate security measures.

VNIS (VNETWORK Internet Security) ensures the website always has the best performance at any time thanks to the Multi CDN system available in 32 countries, the total international bandwidth is up to 2,600 Tbps for Layer 3/4 DDoS protection. at the highest level, ensuring absolute site availability.

AI Load Balancing system leverages data on CDN latency and availability in the global Multi CDN network through RUM (Real User Monitoring) and Synthetic Monitoring system, helping to route traffic intelligently. prove to be the best performing CDN.

In addition, the Cloud WAF and Scrubbing Centers firewall systems are also activated, ready to deal with complex attacks on Layer 7 and completely remove malicious code injection attacks (XSS, SQL, top 10 OWASP Security Vulnerabilities,…).

Not only that, the SOC system in 4 countries and VNIS’s experienced technical team in the field of network security will operate and monitor the status of the website and the infrastructure system 24/7 to detect problems. try immediately.

If you are in need of advice from experts, please leave your information below or contact VNETWORK via hotline: (028) 7306 8789.

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