VNETWORK launches Bare Metal Server for business

Latest Update: 27/10/2023

VNETWORK launches Bare Metal Server for business

Recently, the term Bare Metal Server has become a trend in the server rental industry. Keeping up with the trend, VNETWORK has just launched the Bare Metal Server service to improve the ability to meet the needs of businesses. So what is Bare Metal Server? Why use VNETWORK’s Bare Metal Server? Let’s find out through the article below.

What is Bare Metal Server?

Bare Metal Server is a specialized term for a physical server that is intended for a separate tenant and does not share resources with other users. Unlike Cloud servers, Bare Metal Server does not have any of these virtualization layers running on them, instead, hardware resources such as CPU, RAM, or memory can be customized according to user needs.

This means that they offer more control and performance than virtual servers. Although Cloud Server is growing in popularity, Bare Metal Server is still an effective data management solution for high-traffic websites, web applications, and all other storage scenarios where efficiency and effectiveness are limited. productivity is of prime importance.

Advantages of Bare Metal Server

With the above characteristics, Bare Metal Server brings the following outstanding advantages:

1. Optimal performance: Using Bare Metal Server, businesses will be able to run and fully enjoy the tenant’s server resources, along with advanced integration technologies, helping to bring more optimal performance, especially important for applications that require computing power such as cloud computing or data analysis.

2. High security: Bare Metal Server is a separate data storage model and does not share resources. As a result, it provides a higher level of security for users with full control over the management, control, and monitoring of server additions or changes, limiting the risk of malicious data breach attacks.

3. Outstanding scalability: With the feature of being customized to your needs, Bare Metal Server can integrate processing power, expand storage capacity and bandwidth as you like, and provide resources to run. applications and workloads needed to meet the maximum storage needs for businesses.

Why VNETWORK develops Bare Metal Server?

To catch up with the trend as well as constantly upgrade the infrastructure system to bring the optimal solution for businesses, besides providing previous infrastructure services such as Dedicated Server or Cloud Server, VNETWORK decided to launch Bare Metal Server to meet the maximum needs of customers, namely:

  • Enterprises with high requirements for performance and speed: Cloud providers, CDNs,…
  • Enterprises need to store, process and manage data in large volumes: Health, Education, Insurance,…
  • Enterprises that require processing power and heavy traffic loads: Website, E-commerce, Multimedia,…
  • Enterprises that require highly secure infrastructure to store important applications & data: Banking, Finance, IT Solutions…

Bare Metal Server - an upgraded version of the Dedicated Server

In essence, Bare Metal Server is just a new term used to call Dedicated Server - physical servers used to store and process data resources for users and do not have any layers. any virtualization.

However, Bare Metal Server and Dedicated Server also have some differences in hardware and technology. Bare Metal Servers are typically equipped with the latest and greatest hardware to provide higher performance than traditional servers, for example, the use of NVMe SSD hard drives instead of standard SATA SSDs. Besides, the storage technology integrated into Bare Metal Server is also superior to CDN or WAF. Or to put it in an easy-to-understand way, Bare Metal Server is an upgraded version of the Dedicated Server.

VNETWORK Bare Metal Server - Performance. Optimized & Professional

VNETWORK - The leading provider of network infrastructure development and construction solutions in Vietnam has just developed and provided a high-class physical server rental service “Bare Metal Server” to meet the large storage needs for domestic and foreign enterprises with the following outstanding advantages:

1. High-speed performance: VNETWORK’s Bare Metal Server inherits a new generation server system that is heavily configured with AMD EPYC or Intel Gold CPU chips, NVMe SSDs, and a variety of upgrade and expansion options. Custom capacity with up to 1028GB RAM and 200 Gbps Network uplinks, helping to maximize performance for business services.

2. High availability: Comprehensive infrastructure, a large number of servers located at Tier III standard Data Centers belonging to ISPs: Viettel IDC, VNPT, FPT in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, fully provided infrastructure deployment & expansion services within 24 hours, ensuring business continuity for businesses.

3. Flexibility & Cost savings: With Bare Metal Server VNETWORK, businesses can enjoy the entire power infrastructure system at the most optimal cost. Quick response with free, transparent 24/7 local support with clear pricing, services & advanced options.

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