How does Mail Gateway EG-Platform prevent spam email?

Latest Update: 24/05/2024

How does Mail Gateway EG-Platform prevent spam email?

Mail Gateway EG-Platform is a comprehensive email security platform developed to assist in the protection of business email from cybersecurity threats. Spam Guard, Receive Guard, and Send Guard are three layers of protection built into the EG-Platform. In this post, we’ll look at how the Spam Guard security layer helps keep spam out of the business email system.

Spam Guard - Core Features

How does the Mail Gateway EG-Platform protect against email spam?

Spam Guard Core Features

Block Spam EG-Platform provides features to optimally filter email spam based on Machine Learning technology (machine learning) to learn about spam, and promotional mail and evaluate incoming mail based on the spam email scale. In particular, Spam Guard is capable of preventing even bulk mail spam attacks.

How does the Mail Gateway EG-Platform protect against email spam?

Email spam score scale

  • Check RBL (Real-Time Blackhole List): RBL is a blacklist containing the IP addresses of email servers that are considered the source of spam emails or other spam activities. RBL is used to check if a particular IP address is blacklisted or not.

  • Check SURBL (Spam URI Realtime Blocklists): SURBL is a type of blacklist used to check links contained in emails, where these links are identified as links to websites containing spam content, phishing, or malware.

  • Regular Phrase Checker: Checks for regular expressions used in spam emails such as “free”, “discount”, “earn money”,…

  • Email Server Protection: EG-Platform also allows access control to the mail server, ensuring that only authorized people can access it.

  • Email Authentication the process of determining the authenticity of an email sent from a particular source. This process is done by examining the information attached to the email to determine whether the email is from the specified person or organization.

  • SPF Sender Policy Framework determines whether an IP address is authorized to send email to the specified domain.

  • DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail): uses a digital signature to verify the authenticity of the email and determine if the email was sent from the specified domain.

  • DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance): combines both SPF and DKIM to authenticate emails and establish rules for handling unauthenticated emails.

- Set up a gray list: a technique to block spam on email by delaying the delivery of mail to its destination. When a new email is sent, the server will not accept it immediately, but temporarily reject it and ask to resend it after a certain period of time. Greylist allows legitimate emails to be resent after a period of time and accepted by the server, while spam emails are usually not sent back.

- The system also prevents illegal use of forwarding servers: Spam guard also prevents an email server from being used to forward emails without the owner’s or admin’s permission or access server member.

Spam Guard filter proactively prevents email spam based on AI self-learning with Bayesian spam filter. This technique uses a machine learning algorithm to learn from spam and valid mail patterns, based on words, phrases, email addresses, message lengths, and more. During the learning process, the Bayesian filter calculates the probability to consider a new message as spam or a valid message. This helps the business email system filter spam more effectively.

Spam Guard’s spam blocking steps

How does the Mail Gateway EG-Platform protect against email spam?

Overview of Spam Guard’s steps to block spam mail

Incoming mail will be evaluated by Spam Guard through the use of Bayesian filter technology, and using machine learning to evaluate on a spam scale. Also, check the authenticity of incoming emails through SPF, DKIM, and DMARC standards. Then block emails containing viruses and invalid forwarding messages. Through the above process, mail to users will be guaranteed to be clean mail and improve operational efficiency.

Efficient Spam Guard ensures

How does the Mail Gateway EG-Platform protect against email spam?

Detect email spam

How does the Mail Gateway EG-Platform protect against email spam?

Block as soon as it detects elements of an email spam

When elements of a spam email are detected, Spam Guard will immediately block the email. This helps prevent spam emails before they reach users’ inboxes, and minimizes the impact of spam emails on your systems.

How does the Mail Gateway EG-Platform protect against email spam?

Statistical reporting system blocks spam mails by custom time

A custom-timed spam-blocking metrics reporting system is an important part of an effective Spam Guard implementation. It helps system administrators and support experts to grasp the situation of email spam that is attacking, thereby taking preventive measures and improving the spam blocking system in the future.

Refer to Customer Experiences with the EG-Platform

Spam Guard helps optimize businesses in many ways:

  • Optimizing security: With the above features, Mail Gateway EG-Platform helps businesses eliminate email spam and cyber-attacks to help ensure the safety of business information and prevent potential threats.

  • Optimize work efficiency: ensure that employees receive only important and really necessary emails. This reduces time and effort to organize and manage email, helping to increase employee productivity.

  • Optimize time: Email security solutions automatically filter spam and unwanted emails, saving employees time and minimizing distractions.

  • Optimizing prestige image: The use of email security solutions shows that businesses care about protecting the information of customers and partners, helping to build a prestigious and professional image in the eyes of users.

EG-Platform - The ultimate security solution for businesses

How does the Mail Gateway EG-Platform protect against email spam?

Overview of the EG-Platform solution

EG-Platform is the ultimate security solution for business email. Not only helps to eliminate spam mail through the Spam Guard filter, but also helps to optimize the ability to protect the email system from potential threats through Receive Guard and minimize the risk of information leakage with the filter. SendGuard.

If you need to learn or experience the Mail Gateway EG-Platform service, email firewall technology helps block all email spam and malicious mail. Please contact us directly via hotline (028) 7306 8789 or email to or leave a message in the contact form below for support.

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