Demand for solutions Email security solutions on the rise

Latest Update: 24/05/2024

Demand for solutions Email security solutions on the rise

Nowadays, because of the convenience of email, it can be a vector for cyber attacks that cause serious damage to businesses. The Global email security market can be driven by the growing demand for email security solutions, especially cloud-based email encryption solutions and compliance regulations. adhere to data protection principles.

Why do we need email encryption?

Similar forms other security solution email encryption to help businesses protect the critical data such as bank card number, personal information, etc. Using encryption keys, encrypted email ensures the security of data. Undisclosed information can be obtained by groups of hackers due to the increased use of email for personal and corporate communication between people. This has prompted companies to use email encryption software (one of the best email security solutions) to protect their data from theft and loss.

Besides, this email security service helps in preventing cyber threats and attacks such as zero-hour malware, spam, business email phishing (BEC) attacks, Viruses and many other attacks can put a company’s critical data and infrastructure at risk. Such attacks are anticipated to increase demand for the email security market in the next year.

The Rise of Online Phishing Attacks

Over the years, businesses have been hit hard by sophisticated cyberattacks, such as BEC and phishing, resulting in financial loss. In business email compromise (BEC), hackers impersonate customers, employees, or partners in order to gain financial benefits, such as agreeing to transfer payments to the perpetrator’s account.

Email encryption solutions and services are a smart approach to keep your company’s email data safe. The use of online scams to steal personal information for criminal reasons and to put malware on the devices of targeted consumers. Hackers all across the world are preying on people’s fear about the COVID-19 pandemic, and there has been an increase in COVID-19-related assaults.

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Data encryption for outbound emails

Businesses are searching for cloud-based email security solutions that allow them to stop sophisticated email threats while saving money, deployment quickly, and having on-demand access to experts. Due to the rapid development of IT, new and complex threats such as Social Engineering, trojans, etc. have appeared, putting enterprises’ data at risk. Cloud-based email security protects businesses from phishing attempts, ransomware, spam, spoofing, and other malicious email threats. Many email security firms offer cloud-based email encryption services to its clients.

Email Security Solutions - EG Platform supports email encryption for businesses

Mail Gateway EG Platform is a comprehensive email security solution developed by email security vendors - VNETWORK and certified by Gartner. The system, which is perfectly matched by AI and Machine Learning, helps detect anomalous behavior of inbound and outbound emails. Besides, through behavioral analysis, the system can detect danger signs in content and images, hidden URLs in attachments. From there, the system will automatically convert the risks into images and warn users.

In addition, the system allows building a keyword filter (email encryption) for each business account. Thanks to this solution, the email system will protect data and information for businesses, creating a safe working environment.

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