Things to know about how to prevent APT attacks

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Things to know about how to prevent APT attacks

APT attack (Advanced Persistent Threat) is an attack performed in secret and has repeated frequency on the computer system of private or public enterprises.

APT attacks can be carried out by an individual or a group with the intention of sabotage or illegal exploitation. Usually APT attacks with two main objectives: economic and political.

In 2019, APT attacks in Vietnam increase and become more difficult to control. Cybercriminals constantly exploit and find holes in computer network systems (E-mail, Website) to attack silently in the long run.

Things to know about how to prevent APT attacks

APT attack (Advanced Persistent Threat)

They control the server network, steal sensitive data from consumers making it difficult for businesses as well as greatly affecting the safety and privacy of customers.

APT attacks have long been a fear and obsession of many organizations and businesses because they bring bad effects, heavy economic losses.

Intentional APT attacks undermine corporate infrastructure. This is a way to compete, play a bad way of companies that sell the same product.

When personal information is leaked, cybercriminals will use that information to extort money which greatly affects user psychology and they will also lose confidence in the business that the service they are using.

In addition, State agencies are also at high risk of being attacked by APT criminals. They control and steal confidential government information that aims to threaten or directly affect the security of an area or an entire country.

Even more dangerous is that APT attacks are not merely economic, if the APT is carried out by a terrorist organization targeting the government, no one can measure its terrible consequences. how. APT also attacks and steals valuable intellectual property.

Investing in preventing and combating APT attacks requires a large amount of expenses, which affects the economic fund of companies and businesses.

In fact, there are many different ways to attack APT, depending on how to attack, we will also have different ways to prevent it. APT cyber criminals often attack the system using malicious code. In this way, the system can only detect stored malicious code, while new malware will not be detected and easily attacked the server.

To overcome this, the system needs to be equipped with two analytical techniques:

  • Signature analysis helps the system detect malicious code stored in memory.

  • Behavioral analysis is the process of discovering entirely new or partially modified malware.

The two processes of signature analysis and behavioral analysis work in parallel, as two barriers to each other help the enterprise’s servers easily detect and eliminate any suspicious types of malicious code.

In addition, businesses should train and improve network security knowledge for employees. A list of dangerous or suspected malicious websites should be blacklisted and saved.

Should invest in technologies that help protect passwords such as: Face ID, fingerprint sensor, two-layer password … to protect customers and companies from professional APT hackers.

Things to know about how to prevent APT attacks

Security application of Artificial Intelligence technology

RECEIVE GUARD’s Artificial Intelligence Technology and Machine Learning technology can help businesses prevent APT attacks via email systems by analyzing behavior and signatures.

Using RECEIVE GUARD’s enterprise email security technology is the best way to effectively protect the network, protect the source of business information. This is a security solution trusted by large enterprises.

Although APT attacks are on the rise, complicated and dangerous, if we are alert, update advanced security technology with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we will be able to prevent prevent undue damage from APT attacks.

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