Predictions about the situation of cyber security in 2022

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Predictions about the situation of cyber security in 2022

The year 2021 has just ended with the volatility of the global cybersecurity situation and this is when experts make important forecasts for 2022. What attack threats will increase and businesses will need to do What to minimize network security risks in the near future?

Ransomware attacks will continue to increase rapidly

Ransomware attacks will appear with a higher frequency.IBM forecasts that in 2022, there may be three times more malware attacks than in 2021, and this can affect the partners of the attacked business.Cybercriminals not only extort their victims for ransom but also seek to take advantage of their partners.

In 2021, the highest loss for a company related to ransomware is 40-70 million USD.However, some experts estimate this amount will continue to set a record in 2022.

Supply chains become attractive targets for hackers

According to reliable sources, hackers have redirected and targeted supply chains in the last 1-2 years.By breaking into a centralized database, an attacker can find many different targets in the same system, or select the most valuable targets in that related chain.

“Companies push digital transformation, but they don’t take into account the case of an attack,” commented George Gerchow of Sumo Logic.

Stuart Taylor, senior director at Forcepoint X-Labs, said that if companies in the supply chain don’t upgrade their systems, they are more likely to suffer some sort of attack this year.In addition, they will have to accept to spend more money on third-party security firms to make sure everything is safe.

Cybercrime in Blockchain

Businesses and consumers are increasingly depending on Blockchain for supply chain management and digital transactions, and attackers are also turning to legitimate uses of it to consolidate their sights longer.

In 2022, Blockchain will become a more common “tool” used by cybercriminals to conceal their activities, avoid detection, and expand attack capacity.This will make it increasingly difficult for security systems to detect malicious attack activities.

To reduce the risk of cyberattacks, what should businesses do?

Hackers are becoming more professional and ambitious, they are willing to combine many different methods and attacks to target victims to achieve their goals.

Businesses and organizations need to focus on upgrading their systems and enhancing protection by using security services from reputable and quality providers.

At VNETWORK, we provide VNIS service - Comprehensive website protection solution. With an extensive infrastructure and modern technology, VNIS can completely help businesses and organizations fight the most complex DDoS attacks, ending all worries about security:

  • Comprehensive DDoS protection for Layers 3/4/7. The system helps to distribute and load DDoS attacks with up to 2,600Tbps traffic and resist attacks on Web Apps vulnerabilities (OWASP leading vulnerabilities).

  • VNIS platform allows integration Multi CDN from the world’s leading CDN providers (such as Cloudflare, Akamai, Fastly, Stackpath, CDNetwork, Amazon Cloudfront, Tencent Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, ChinaCache…) to ensure Web Apps work seamlessly continue even when under DDoS attack with large traffic up to thousands of Tbps.

  • In particular, VNETWORK’s network of security engineers is ready to support 24/7 with a modern SOC (Security Operation Center) monitoring system, helping to promptly detect abnormalities in the enterprise network and increase Enhanced ability to deal with targeted attacks.

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