Ransomware continues to be a serious threat to every business

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Ransomware continues to be a serious threat to every business

Ransomware attacks on organizations and businesses in recent times have provided a clear warning of the continued rise in the risk of this serious threat.

According to the Q2/2019 Cybersecurity Threats Overview report published by security firm Fortinet on September 3, cyberattack campaigns are becoming more sophisticated in their operations, easier “pass” security solutions, measures to secure network information. Notably, the Internet threat index in the second quarter of this year rose to its highest level ever, up more than 4% year-on-year.

Fortinet also reported on a recent spam campaign in which hackers used fake emails with Excel files containing malicious macros to attack users. This macro is designed to be sophisticated, capable of disabling security tools and executing arbitrary commands, even causing memory problems. With this method, the malicious code deceives the normal protection measures on the network.

Similarly, another case involves a variant of the Dridex trojan malware. This type of trojan has the ability to change the file name every time a user logs in, making it difficult to detect malicious code on the victim’s server system.

In addition, Zegost information stealing malware is also a type of danger that Fortinet wants to warn users about. With the objective of the attack to collect information and data from the victim’s device, Zegost is specially configured to operate under radar control, erasing all activity history. The ability to evade the Zegost malware is also reflected in the fact that hackers place orders to keep this malware’s information stealing behavior in a static state until February 14, 2019, avoiding timely detection from measures. security and become a more permanent threat than other malicious code.

It should be noted that the ransomware attack campaign is no longer a mass attack, but has shifted to a targeted attack targeting organizations and businesses. Even in many cases, hackers have carefully investigated and investigated the target before attacking.

For example, RobbinHood spyware is designed to attack enterprise network infrastructure and has the ability to disable Windows operating system services. Newer ransomware called Sodinokibi is also a threat

“Ransomware remains a serious threat to companies going forward. Ransomware is a reminder to all businesses about the importance of prioritizing the development of information security solutions, improving employees’ awareness of network information security,” said Fortinet.

In recent years, the spread of ransomware has been increasing and has become one of the leading threats to network information security. When infected with ransomware, the victim will lose data, the data will be encrypted and must pay a ransom to restore the data or accept the data loss.

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