Risks from not controlling business emails when sent

Latest Update: 24/05/2024

Risks from not controlling business emails when sent

Risks if emails are not well controlled before sending


Risks for sending business emails

  • Security risks: If the business's email system is not fully controlled and managed, security risks may occur, such as an individual account in the organization being taken over by hackers and Taking advantage of hacked emails to spread malicious code to business insiders, partners and customers. This not only seriously affects security issues, but also affects business operations and brand reputation.

  • Risk of regulatory compliance: If the business does not have a process to manage or control employee email sending, it can lead to employees sending emails that are not in accordance with company regulations or the law. This can lead to loss of reputation, fines or lawsuits.

  • Performance risk: Without a process to control email sending, employees may use email to exchange unnecessary information or send emails outside of working hours, leading to ineffective work.

  • Anti-corruption risks: If there is no control process for important transactions or documents sent via email, it can lead to anti-corruption risks. Employees can take advantage of email to commit fraud or bribery. For example: For businesses that circulate unpublished information via email, internal employees can collude with outsiders, forwarding emails to the outside, causing information leaks for the purpose of profiteering. finance yourself, affecting your business.

Therefore, controlling and managing a business's outgoing emails is important to ensure security, regulatory compliance, increase performance and fight corruption.

Optimal solution for email management before sending

2-factors-to-consider-in-choosing-an-outgoing-email-security-solution.jpeg 2 factors to consider in choosing an afternoon email solution

An optimal solution for controlling sent business emails will include two main factors that need to be considered and considered as follows:

  • Security of important information: Control emails containing important security information to respond to incidents of incorrect or erroneous email delivery. In addition, if an error is discovered after the email has been approved for sending, businesses can also take advantage of the recall feature to ensure incorrect information is not exposed to the outside world.

  • Ability to prevent information leaks: Set up filter policies for text or attachments in messages to block emails that show signs of revealing or leaking business information. In addition, the solution helps detect hacked accounts within the business email system to promptly prevent mass sending of malicious mail that affects the business, partners and customers. row.

The best business email security solution today

In terms of factors, Mail Gateway EG-Platform is the most optimal choice for businesses in the world. current market. This is a comprehensive security solution for business email, helping businesses optimize email protection in both receiving and sending directions. The solution is designed as a multi-layer security system, with 3 main layers: Spam Guard, Receive Guard and Send Guard. In addition to outstanding features in protecting incoming emails, EG-Platform also has the ability to support businesses in optimizing management and control of sending emails, preventing information leaks through a layer of security. Secret Send Guard.


Mail Gateway EG-Platform solution overview

Mail Gateway EG-Platform helps build keyword filters for businesses. In particular, the business will set up a filter policy to check the emails the business sends with the following ranges:

Outgoing-business-email-filter-test-coverage.jpeg Check range of outgoing business email filter

Filter policies can be fine-tuned according to each business's goals, which will help managers have more flexibility in controlling the activities of employees in the organization.

The system Mail Gateway EG-Platform also helps administrators Managers can export visual reports. With the report, business managers can easily control the situation of emails sent outside, including: blocked keywords (blocked words), blocked dangerous accounts (blocked accounts), codes malicious code (malicious code), the number of blocking malicious emails such as spam, phishing, viruses, ransomware, etc. sent from accounts and email servers that have been compromised (relay block). Thereby, businesses can deploy solutions to improve the security of the email system.

EG-Platform is an optimal security solution for business email with not only outstanding ability to manage and control outgoing emails, Mail Gateway EG-Platform also has the ability to filter up to 99.9% email spam, detect and prevent threats of incoming emails, especially anti-Phishing, Virus, Ransomware capabilities. In addition, intuitive reporting capabilities and a dedicated, fast support team are always highly appreciated by customers in optimizing business performance.

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