Prevents ​​phishing emails by using concern about Omicron

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Prevents ​​phishing emails by using concern about Omicron

The Omicron variant is causing a stir in public opinion because this variant is spreading rapidly across continents. Taking advantage of concerns about this problem, hackers have created a wave of phishing emails targeting vulnerabilities in secure email gateway of universities in the United States to steal credentials and gain access to the account.

Email security risks for universities

Recently, researchers at a company discovered a new type of phishing email attack, which hackers take advantage of concerns about the spread of the Omicron mutation to steal information from staff and students at some famous universities in the US. These attacks started in October and tended to increase rapidly in November.

Specifically, hackers conducted spoofing the login portals of schools such as Vanderbilt University, Central Missouri University, the University of Central Missouri and many other universities to send thousands of emails with Omicron-related titles such as “Notice - Information on Covid-19 Omicron Variant”, “Covid-19 Test Notice”.

These emails contain links link to a login page that looks exactly like that of the recipient’s university.In addition, hackers create fake login pages that impersonate multi-factor authentication providers like Duo to steal authentication codes 2 element for the victim’s account.In

the above cases, if the user accesses the above link and fills in the login information according to the instructions, the account will be stolen by the hacker immediately. easily exploit personal information, bank accounts, relationships to profit and steal users’ money,

experts said. It’s more likely that hackers steal login credentials from universities and use mailboxes to send similar threats to a host of other universities. Currently, the attacker’s ultimate goal for this phishing campaign is still a mystery”

Some secure email solutions for organizations

The aforementioned attacks don’t just cause problems. property loss, but also seriously affect the reputation of the organization. Therefore, businesses, whether large or small, should take specific actions to prevent these attacks before they can cause consequences. incalculable. here are some notes to help you protect your email system of the organization and all members of your organization.

Raising awareness email security for employees

When performing an attack, hackers are often targeted at specific audiences in the organization, with just one accidental mouse click by an employee can cause a business to fall under attack and suffer heavy losses. Educating employees against email scams is an important defense step in any business.Encrypt

Email encryption

Email encryption is an important step to prevent bad guys from reading the email content while it is being transferred from sender to receiver via the internet. The encryption process will be performed on a professional software to prevent hackers from stealing user data.

Use email filtering tools

There are now many free email filtering tools available to help businesses check for threats and find the emails that are most often at risk.

Smart email firewall selection

Types of email firewalls (secure email gateways) applying AI and Machine Learning technology are capable of analyzing and controlling the entire email flow inside the system, checking for abnormal behavior to prevent timely blocking. Mail gateway can ensure maximum security for all financial transactions of the business.

EG Platform solution - Email Security Gateway applying AI and Machine Learning technologies

EG Platform is known as a secure email solution for businesses such as: government organizations, oil and gas, e-commerce, finance, education and banking. EG Platform applies AI in the analysis system to detect potential risks and unusual behavior of received emails. In addition, the system automatically encrypts suspicious emails into images for maximum user protection.

One of the highlights of this technology is “Machine Learning” with the ability to “learn” and change the algorithm to prevent illegal emails.

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