SSL - a security certificate is required for every website

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

SSL - a security certificate is required for every website

SSL is an integral part of every website today because this security certificate is considered a standard for major browsers such as Google, Firefox, Opera, … to evaluate your website ranking on search algorithms of them.

As an important security “platform” on the Internet, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, helping to protect sensitive information when it is transmitted via computers around the world. This security certificate is required for websites that ask for personal data or payment transactions.

Is SSL really that important?

Why does the website have to have SSL?

Benefits of using SSL for websites?

Let’s find out the answer in the following article with VNETWORK.

SL helps keep sensitive information secure

Typically, the information exchanged on the Internet will move from one computer to another, then to the destination server you want to send. Taking advantage of the exchange process with sophisticated techniques, hackers can see your information. So SSL was born with the purpose of encrypting information so that only the recipient could understand it. Of course, sensitive information of users such as credit cards, usernames, passwords, … will also be kept confidential and integrity when the website is installed SSL.

SSL - a security certificate is required for every website

SSL protects the information on your website

Conversely, if the website is not installed SSL, the user information, customer data can be easily attacked by hackers. As a result, hackers can hijack and change functions in websites or blackmail users. Therefore, SSL will help secure all information on your website.

SSL helps improve website rankings on search engines

Search browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. will definitely appreciate websites with SSL security certificates. More than 2 years ago, Google started using the famous PageRank algorithm to evaluate the website rankings of businesses with SSL certificates. This means that websites using SSL security protocols will be considered by Google as an important measure to evaluate website rankings, especially Google Search tool.

Currently, any business costs a lot of resources for SEO, but if your website does not have SSL, it all becomes “meaningless”. Therefore, installing SSL security protocol is the top criteria to assess the position of a website on search results. And of course, when the website has a lot of visits, the SEO advantage will be higher and the reputation of the business will also be more appreciated.

SSL - a security certificate is required for every website

Website with SSL will be highly appreciated by Google when evaluating rankings

SSL brings confidence to customers when using the website

SSL certificates protect your business website almost exclusively against online phishing attacks, and SSL makes it easier for customers to access your website and want to return to the website for an additional one. Again. As can be seen, customer trust is one of the main reasons you need to have an SSL certificate on your website. It will allow customers to view and verify that they are strictly protected, which is why the SSL certificate icon is displayed on the website.

Especially, if your website is an e-commerce site or support online payment, then your website must use SSL because most payment methods require websites to have SSL with encryption. at least 128-bit. And you will not be able to integrate your form of payment if you do not meet these requirements.

According to Google’s assessment, nearly 70% of customers have left the site because of the lack of confidence in security. This shows that technology users pay great attention to safety and security when dealing online. Accordingly, businesses must also innovate, seize the trend towards customer goals by creating trust for customers when visiting your website.

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