22 best ways to stop DDoS instantly

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

22 best ways to stop DDoS instantly

According to the DDoS Attacks Overview Report 2021, the number of DDoS attacks has decreased.But what is worrisome is that the level of sophistication as well as the methods of hackers is increasingly scary.Understanding that worry, the following article will share with you the 22 best ways to stop DDoS, helping businesses avoid unpredictable damage.

Do you know the rules to stop DDoS attack?

1. What is a DDoS attack?

There is a saying “Knowing others, knowing me, a hundred battles a hundred wins”. DDoS attack can bring down the website immediately, because when you are the target of hackers, they will do whatever it takes to overload your web server. The site is unresponsive, inaccessible and completely offline. Knowing the purpose and how they work will help businesses stop DDoS and protect their website.

22 best ways to stop DDoS instantly

DDoS attack is dangerous

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2. “Nightmare” stems from misconceptions

Many small and medium businesses think: Their website has nothing to hack and is not famous for hackers to find out. Therefore, they do not need stop DDoS solutions . It is these subjective thoughts that are increasingly pushing websites to the brink of being “deleted”. In fact, any website is very “worth it” to hackers. Important information such as payment information, credit card information, customer information, etc. They use the website to profit, mine bitcoin virtual currency, pull traffic, attach dirty backlinks,… Even hackers can turn away. your website into their attack tool. Therefore, business owners must clear these misconceptions from the very beginning.

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3. Website security rules that administrators need to know

How do I know if my website is being manipulated?There are many signs to identify a website that has been “embedded” by hackers.Administrators need early detection to stop DDoS immediately.Therefore, the manual “Website security rules” is very necessary for administrators.

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4. Lessons on IT security through the story of cyber attacks VOV

In 2021, the DDoS attack on the VOV website caused a stir in public opinion. This incident helps us have a better view of IT security.

22 best ways to stop DDoS instantly

VOV online newspaper was attacked by DDoS

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5. Website security and 3 most common forms of web attacks

Admittedly, hacker attacks are increasingly sophisticated.This poses a serious threat to global cybersecurity.However, knowing their common attack methods will help businesses come up with appropriate stop DDoS measures.

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Strategies to help businesses stop DDoS attacks

6. Tactics to protect IT equipment

Hundreds of billions of devices are not secure, especially IoT products out there, which means it’s very simple for attackers to develop botnets.Over the years, DDoS attacks are being used with malicious intent.Victims include HSBC, Bitcoin, Sony and PayPal among many other large organizations.Building DDoS stop strategies for IT devices is essential.

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7. Anti DDoS tactics for websites

Current cybersecurity statistics show that the total number of DDoS attacks will increase from 7.9 million to 15 million (from 2018 to 2023).The reason for this increase is because: DDoS attacks are quite easy to perform and it has attracted cybercriminals from all over the world to participate.Therefore, to effectively stop DDoS attacks, business owners need to “know” immediately anti-DDoS tactics for their website.

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How to stop Distributed Denial Of Service?

8. Useful ways to protect your website

According to a 2019 statistical report, a website is hacked every 45 minutes.However, most businesses are still not properly aware and quite indifferent to the security of their website.Website security plays a very important role, this is not only related to the security of user information but also directly affects the reputation of the business.

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9. How to protect your website from potential threats from hackers

In fact, no website is immune to hackers. No website is so perfect that there is no flaw. Therefore, the fact that hackers can use scanning tools and easily find a series of vulnerabilities of websites with poor security and perform attacks and destruction is a daily occurrence on earth. this.

22 best ways to stop DDoS instantly

DDoS attacks are becoming more and more complex

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10. Troubleshoot DDoS attacks on e-commerce platforms

Online shopping is becoming a trend in the 4.0 technology era.Especially in the context of the epidemic, e-commerce floors are more active than ever.Therefore, e-commerce becomes the target of attacks by cybercriminals.

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11. Top 4 methods of preventing web DDoS for businesses

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack can make a website inaccessible. This will cause bad experiences for users, cause businesses to lose credibility and even lose many orders to competitors.

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12. Current popular anti-DDoS methods

There are many methods to help prevent and stop Distributed Denial Of Service attacks.Each method has its own operational and technical advantages.The truth is that there is no “comprehensive Website DDoS protection method”.Because each method will promote its technical advantages depending on different use cases.The most popular methods today are 3 methods including Clean Pipe (service “Clean line), CDN Attack Dilution (CDN Distributed attack) and Anti-DDoS Proxy.

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13. How to effectively combat DDoS Attack TCP SYN Flood

DoS/DDoS attacks, especially DDoS TCP Syn flood attacks, are a constant threat to the networks and service servers of agencies and organizations.This type of attack often causes exhaustion of system resources or flooding of transmission lines.Then, interrupt the process of providing services to legitimate users.Or even make the whole system stop working.

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Effective solutions to stop Distributed Denial Of Service attacks for businesses

14. The Biggest DDoS Stop with the Power of Multi CDN

Multi CDN is a technology that manages and combines many different CDN providers.Regardless of which CDN provider you are using (Cloudflare CDN, Akamai CDN, AWS CDN, etc.), Multi CDN can integrate and manage all CDNs on a single common platform.

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15. WAF . Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall acts as an intermediary between the user and the web/app. WAF will filter any malicious traffic before it is sent to your website.

22 best ways to stop DDoS instantly

WAF VNIS protects Web/App from top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities

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16. Public Cloud and Anti-APT Attack Solution

Public Cloud is a platform that uses the cloud computing model to make resources, such as virtual machines (VMs), web applications or large content storage, available to remote users.An APT Attack uses a multi-platform payload technique on the Public Cloud Windows and Linux systems of enterprises.This malware has just appeared on servers with data stored on Public Cloud and is named: Cloud Snooper APT.It can evade the security techniques of traditional web firewall systems on the physical infrastructure and also on the cloud system.

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17. VNIS and website security service packages

Many information security solutions for websites have been implemented, but it is not always easy for businesses to find a good, safe and highly economical website protection solution.VNETWORK is known as a network security and rescue center.With VNIS solution integrating advanced technologies Multi CDN, AI load balancing and Cloud WAF to help protect the website optimally, preventing the biggest DDoS attacks.

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“Pocket” things to know about WAF firewall to effectively stop DDoS attack

18. Things to know about the WAF 2021 web application firewall

In recent years, the trend of attacking web applications is becoming more and more popular.The attack techniques used are mainly cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and many others.A web application firewall is a solution to protect web applications from the aforementioned security flaws.What do you know about WAF firewall?

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19. Today’s Best WAF Providers

Building a strong enough WAF firewall is essential to stop your Distributed Denial Of Service against cyber threats.Currently on the market there are many WAF web application firewall providers.Please choose for yourself a suitable WAF solution.

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20. Types of dangerous Web attacks that WAF services face

When choosing a WAF firewall, what issues should you pay attention to?

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21. Top Criteria for Choosing a WAF Firewall

The WAF (Web Application Firewall) firewall is the first line of defense and a protective shield against network attacks.Here, all data flows going through the firewall will be controlled according to a predefined security policy.Using it is like going through an airport security check – everyone and goods are checked before boarding the plane to make sure nothing bad happens.There are several types of WAFs on the market, each with different advantages and disadvantages.Investing in the right solution is very important to strengthen the network security system.

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22. Notes when using Anti DDoS solutions from ISPs

Many people think relying on Internet service provider (ISP) to help you stop DDoS effectively?This is like going to a famous seafood restaurant to enjoy… beef.Sounds very strange right?The ISP’s stop DDoS attack solution has many limitations.Please research and consider before using.

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Cyber attacks in general or DDoS attacks in particular are painful problems in the IT era.Let’s stay vigilant, arming our businesses with protections from the start.

Known as a cyber security and response center, VNETWORK has successfully stopped large DDoS attacks for many customers. To know more about stop DDoS solutions, contact us.

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