Tiki develops TikiLIVE project with Asia's leading CDN technology

Latest Update: 30/10/2023

Tiki develops TikiLIVE project with Asia's leading CDN technology

Tiki is a prestigious e-commerce brand in Vietnam, established in March 2010. They want to make a prominent difference in the market, so they have worked hard to develop the TikiLIVE project to bring a great experience to their customers. Tiki needs to find a solution to help them optimize the content transmission speed effectively.

Challenge when TIKI begins the project

Tiki wishes to best meet the shopping experience of customers in the Vietnamese market, especially the young people who make up a large number of the population with high spending needs. They have implemented many campaigns to support customers to order quickly and hunt deals quickly.

But to stand out from the competition, Tiki must make a big difference to rise to the top of the market. Tiki found that the trend of buying goods via live stream is the most popular among young people in the world today, including in Vietnam. Therefore, Tiki has developed the TikiLIVE project to support Sellers to conduct effective sales live streams on their e-commerce platform.

With the above project, Tiki needs to build a high-speed Live Streaming Video transmission platform. They want to find a CDN service provider with a large server infrastructure covering all of Vietnam. Fortunately, Tiki found the right fit in VNETWORK’s CDN solution (called VNCDN) and decided to go with the Company.

To understand in detail why Tiki chose VNCDN as a solution to support content transmission for its applications, let’s learn about the outstanding differences between this CDN solution right here.

Asia’s Leading CDN Solution

VNCDN has a network of CDN Servers in 32 countries around the world. This has helped VNCDN to meet the high-speed content transmission traffic of up to 3,000,000 simultaneous visitors.

In addition, VNCDN is also constantly improving and upgrading its CDN server system and placing them in international Tier III standard Data Centers such as Viettel, VNPT, FPT, CMC, Mobifone…

Currently, VNCDN has also applied modern HTTP/3 CDN Technology, compatible with all Web browsers in the world. This means that when using VNCDN, the enterprise’s Web Server if it is only in the HTTP/2 version, will be supported by the VNCDN system to convert to HTTP/3.

HTTP/3 CDN technology will help organizations’ Web Servers to exchange information fastest with all Web browsers in the world that have applied HTTP/3 technology.

Following are the outstanding benefits of this CDN technology:

  • Fast integration, reducing engineering time to minutes

  • Easily expand bandwidth to meet peak traffic when there are large sales campaigns.

  • Increase the ability to meet the data access needs of users at a time up to 3 million times.

  • Supports TLS 1.2 and HTTP/2, HTTP/3, helping to transmit content in the fastest way to users on all devices and browsers.

  • Multimedia support, accelerated HTML, CSS, video, images, JSON, XML, audio, and more.

  • Enhance security and improve performance for Websites and Applications. Especially reducing the possibility of DDoS attacks.

  • Automatically switch PoP when there is a problem in any PoPs, in order to meet user needs in a timely manner.

  • Manage CDN by API with many features, allowing users to automate and integrate CDN management with their own system.

  • Limit links, prevent content theft, and hotlinks on other sites by encoding videos, tokens,…

  • Real-time data analytics, to easily track user traffic.

  • Control Geoblocking and allow customizing when and where users are allowed to access the Website.

  • Cache depth storage, including cached data on RAM and Enterprise SSD hard drive, helps increase Website performance up to 300%.

  • Supports SNI/SSL, and allows uploading and configuring SSL for domains simply and quickly.

  • Allows downloading CDN Logs, serving to analyze and check the operation of the CDN system.

  • Advanced Analytics analysis and statistics on the percentage of browsers, devices, operating systems,… accessing the Website. This makes it easy for businesses to monitor and evaluate the user experience when using CDN’s services.

With the above outstanding features, VNETWORK has brought the best CDN service to Tiki and more than 2,000 of its other customers.

Not only the CDN infrastructure capacity is well met, but the 24/7 quick support services and attentive customer care service of the VNETWORK team also made Tiki satisfied.


Tiki has successfully developed the TikiLIVE project with significant contributions from VNCDN’s solution. This content delivery solution has contributed to helping Tiki complete transaction times and fulfill orders many times faster than other e-commerce platforms on the market.

VNCDN’s CDN technology has helped Tiki grow customer confidence with fast and reliable service quality, meeting shopping and sale needs in the shortest time.

Currently, Tiki has gradually established itself as one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Vietnam with nearly 30 million visits per month and more than 50 thousand orders per day.

If you want to try VNCDN’s CDN service, please leave your contact information below, or call our quick support hotline at: (028) 7306 8789 or or email to:

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