What spam emails are and how to avoid them

Latest Update: 10/11/2023

What spam emails are and how to avoid them

Email spam is a common nuisance that most businesses encounter on a daily basis. While some businesses may consider them harmless, they can actually pose a serious security threat and waste a lot of time and resources. Therefore, businesses need to recognize and prevent email spam in a comprehensive way.

How is email spam created and spread?

Spam emails are created and spread by individuals or organizations looking to make money or promote their products or services. They can buy email lists, scan websites for email addresses, or use malware to steal email addresses from infected computers.

After obtaining a list of email addresses, they can use various techniques to send spam emails, including using automated scripts or botnets.

What spam emails are and how to avoid them

Spam email

Why should businesses avoid spam emails?

According to the Register of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO), about 250 billion emails are sent worldwide every day, 45% of which are Spam Email. Most spammers disguise their emails as advertisements. The main purpose of spam is to make a profit and compromise other security factors.

Not only is it annoying and a waste of time to process, but spam can also contain attachments, and links to bad websites that can install malware on electronic devices. in enterprise systems, causing cybersecurity threats.

Besides that, sorting out spam emails and emails is often a process that does not bring any benefit to the business. Spam is one of the biggest time-wasting causes for employees, affecting business performance.

Suppose that your business has 100 people, on average you pay employees 100,000 per hour. If each employee takes 30 minutes per day to clean up spam mail. It is estimated that your business must lose up to 120 million VND per month for that wasted time.

Not only that, but when more and more spam emails are received, the email service provider can evaluate the business email system as a source of spam. This creates a big annoyance as outgoing mail may end up in the spam mailbox of customers, and partners, or more seriously, an outgoing email will be blocked and suspended altogether.

Checking whether a partner/customer has received an email, as well as finding important emails in the Spam folder also consumes a lot of unnecessary time and effort.

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How do businesses prevent spam emails?

There are many ways to prevent email spam, but here are some of the most effective ways that businesses can refer to:

  • Use anti-spam mail filters: Most email service providers have anti-mail filters Junk automatically detects and blocks spam emails. Make sure to enable this feature and regularly check your spam folder to make sure that legitimate emails are not accidentally filtered. However, these filters may not always work effectively. Therefore, businesses need to find out and choose service providers that can ensure the ability to filter out all spam emails.

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  • Training employees on cybersecurity in the email environment: Instructing basic measures and rules to prevent email spam is also an effective way that businesses can consider, such as being careful with attachments. attachments, suspicious links, report spam emails, unsubscribe from unwanted emails,…
  • Sign up for a business email system security service: Security services not only help prevent spam mail but also protect against malicious emails (such as phishing, phishing, ransomware, viruses, etc.) ..) helps protect your email system comprehensively.

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Email spam is a dangerous threat that every business needs to be aware of, being alert, cautious, and applying measures to protect the business email system is something that businesses need to focus on. If you need to learn or experience the Mail Gateway EG-Platform service, email firewall technology helps block all email spam and malicious mail. Please contact us directly via hotline (028) 7306 8789or or email to

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