Top 11 Secure Email Systems for Business

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Top 11 Secure Email Systems for Business

_Are you planning to build an Email Security System for Business? Wondering which email security solution you should choose from among the countless GateWay Email systems? _

Predict the level of security as well as the Email utilities suitable for the type of business that we are operating. So, let VNETWORK learn about the 11 most popular SecureEmail Security System for Business today.

Top 11 Secure Email Systems for Business

Top 11 popular Email Security System for Business

Email Security is always the first priority task for every Business. Because Email is the top target that hackers are looking for, through the vulnerabilities in the Enterprise Email System, hackers can easily penetrate the important data system of Enterprises.

The most common type of email attack is phishing. Therefore, the first line of defense for enterprises must be the establishment of a safe and solid Email Firewall system. This is an important platform in Email Security to combat Email attacks such as Spam Mail , Email Virus, Phishing Email, APT Attack, BEC Attack, and Ransomeware

There are many Email Security Gateway solutions with built-in Email Security Firewall. However, evaluating the performance of these Email Firewall systems is not easy.

Each Email Security System has a different mechanism of operation, and the most common thing is that they have built a data system, listing the list of all viruses that have ever attacked. However, this Email Filter system cannot prevent the latest Viruses.

Therefore, several advancedSecurity Email systems today, have used Virtual Zone technology to detect new viruses more effectively. To effectively apply this Virtual Email Area in Email Security technology is also a big problem from every advanced Email Security service provider in the world. High-tech Email Security products must ensure many factors that are suitable for different businesses, such as the size of the Enterprise organization, the need to manage the Mail System, the ease of use for users and reasonable price.

Here, we will help you learn more about the most popular Business Email Service providers today.

Below are 11 highly secure Email Gateway Systems for Businesses. We will look at features, user-friendliness, and security effectiveness.

Top 11 Secure Email Systems for Business

Which Email security service is best suited for your Business?

1. Email Security Service from Proofpoint

For Office 365 (Business Gmail), easy setup and comprehensive features.

Proofpoint is a good Email Security Solution, which encrypts important emails before they are sent, high Email Security storage capability and ensures the continuous sending and receiving of Email. In addition, the Email management system is built on a single platform, with an admin panel.

Proofpoint has the ability to control global email threats, social networks, and smartphones.

Proofpoint regularly collects and analyzes more than 100 billion data a day, from over 100 million emails worldwide, 200 million social networking accounts and 7 million smartphone apps. Currently, Proofpoint is protecting the top 5 banks globally and 7/10 of the world’s leading retailers.

Proofpoint effectively blocks Spam Mail, prevents malicious URLs and intelligently filters email content. This is an ideal Email Security solution for Large Enterprises or MSPs (Managed Service Provider)

2. Email Security Service from Mimecast

Mimecast is the Email Firewall application for Businesses, capable of preventing Email Attacks strongly.

Mimecast is one of the most fully-featured Secure Email Firewall on the market. They have detailed management policies for each Business Email System. Easily customize the system to suit the needs of each Business.

Prevent Phishing Email attacks. Support sending Email with large capacity, preventing Email Attack from malicious URLs.

Mimecast analyzes email activity in real-time, so it can prevent the latest email viruses.

Mimecast is one of the leading Security Email Service providers in the world, they are very strong in their ability to research attacks via Email, they regularly monitor billions of Email. Therefore, they have a huge data source about email viruses in the world.

In terms of quality, Mimecast has a relatively low rate of cases of misleading valid emails. It is a very good choice for businesses, looking for an extremely high Email Security System.

3. Email Security Service from Barracuda

For Small and Medium Business organizations, Effective Email Security, with reasonable cost.

Barracuda provides Businesses with an Email Security System with a variety of features. Scan Virus and prevent Spam Mail effectively in real-time.

Barracuda is easy to deploy with Office 365 Domain Email system (Gmail Domain Name), suitable for small companies.

Although the price is quite cheap, Barracuda’s Secure Email System is also packed with many features. Including malicious URL scanning and Email filtering. These are additional features to pay for.

Users are particularly impressed with the extremely good support of Barracuda Email Services, they respond to customers very quickly and very professionally.

To become a globally renowned Security Email Service Provider, Barracuda has built an intelligence organization about major threats to the Email system, constantly looking for new types of Email attacks. , in order to build the best Email Security System for Businesses.

4. Email Security Service from IRONSCALES

Anti-Phishing Email (Mail Phishing), Advanced Email Security, Anti-Email Attack from internal.

IRONSCALES prevents threats from incoming email. Ability to combat Email Attacks with sophisticated phishing techniques.

IRONSCALES uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) security technology to analyze contextual email information such as the location of the sender, the time and the device being sent.

If Malicious Email is detected, IRONSCALES will display a warning message to the user.

In addition, IRONSCALES also allows each user to report Counterfeit Email cases directly to the management system. This helps minimize waiting time for administrators to detect viruses and prevent actions.

Customers praise IRONSCALES for its ability to prevent Spam Mail and Phishing Email.

Administrators report that in many cases, IRONSCALES has allowed them to remove Phishing Emails from their inbox easily, preventing attacks before they occur.

5. Email Security Service from Cisco

Smart Email Attacks and effective Spam Mail filtering.

Cisco has the ability to prevent forms of email compromise (BEC Attack) and Ransomware (Data encryption attack for ransom).

One of the key benefits of the Cisco Email Security System is its easy integration with other Cisco security systems.

6. Email Security Services from Hornetsecurity

For small and medium businesses with the main function of effective Spam Mail Filter.

Hornetsecurity is a Business Email Security service with strong spam filtering capabilities. Hornetsecurity Email System mainly focuses on meeting the maximum needs for end users. With friendly interface, easy to use, priority for processing Email quickly.

In addition, Hornetsecurity also provides reports on Spam Mail status. Control malicious URLs, combat scams and even minimize DDOS attacks.

Hornetsecurance is an Email Security solution ideal for small and medium companies. With reasonable cost and support end-users to handle Email quickly. Hornetsecurance is mainly distributed in UK and USA.

7. Email Security Service from Sophos

The main function is Email Filter. Sophos has the ability to scan email at home and abroad. Customers often praise this Email Service for its scalability. Sophos has effective email protection and spam detection.

In addition, it provides a number of features for end-users, allowing them to track individual inboxes. Help reduce the burden on IT departments.

8. Email Security Service from Microsoft

With the ability to filter email based on cloud, help fight against malware and viruses which are updated regularly.

Microsoft has a system of anti-phishing policies to prevent malware on SharePoint Groups and OneDrive. Also make sure the attachments are as secure as possible.

However, this is only a popular option for regular customers, with low cost and using the Office 365 Email System.

9. Email Security Service from Forcepoint

The main function is filtering Spam Mail. Forcepoint protects Enterprises from Phishing Email attacks by using Machine Learning (ML) to analyze Email in real-time.

Forcepoint also claims to be able to prevent up to 99% of Spam Mail. In addition, Forcepoint also has statistical reports on the status of Enterprise Email Security in 30 days of use, helping administrators monitor and enforce Email Privacy policies better.

10. Email Security Service from SpamTitan

SpamTitan is suitable for high-value Email Security Services (such as Financial Email, Banking Email), Educational Email, and managed service providers.

SpamTitan is an Email Security solution for businesses such as Schools and organizations that use Office 365 and MSP Email Services.

SpamTitan helps prevent Phishing Email, Spam Mail, Mail Virus and Ransomeware attacks.

SpamTitan focuses on developing easy-to-use features for users. Therefore, SpamTitan is popularly used with general types of customers.

SpamTitan also has a Spam Mail filter with a blocking rate of up to 99.99%. Many customers also praise that SpamTitan is easy to use and deploy.

SpamTitan is one of the most competitive Enterprise Email Security solutions in the market, because the monthly cost per user is very low.

11. Email Security Service from Symantec

Symantec is the market leader in Email Security, with multi-layer Email Protection that helps isolate new threats in real-time. Symantec also features Spam Mail filtering with 99% blocking capability. In addition, Symantec provides detailed reports of the email attacks that businesses are facing every day.

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