Advantages of deploying Bare Metal Server in Vietnam

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Advantages of deploying Bare Metal Server in Vietnam

In 2023, 79.1% of Vietnam’s population is going online, which will lead to an increase in enterprises and innovative technology initiatives. Bare Metal Server (BMS), in this context, has rapidly grown in popularity and acceptance throughout the Vietnamese business landscape. In this article by VNETWORK, let’s explore the benefits of choosing a bare metal server in Vietnam.

What is a Bare Metal Server?

Bare Metal Server is a specialized term that refers to a completely separate physical server with no resource sharing among any other servers in the system.

In contrast to the Cloud Server model, where resources can be shared and provided in the form of virtual machines on a shared infrastructure, Bare Metal Server brings absolute separation in terms of hardware resources and performance. As a result, these servers are not constrained by resource sharing with other servers, ensuring that enterprises can fully harness the potential of the server in an optimal manner.

When deploying a Bare Metal Server, enterprises not only have complete control over resources like CPUs and RAM, but also have the ability to fully customize the operating system and applications that the server will run. This helps create a flexible environment where configuration and deployment decisions are clearly defined according to the specific needs of the enterprise.

Benefits of Deploying Bare Metal Server in Vietnam

As a burgeoning and promising technology market , international enterprises are increasingly opting to deploy Bare Metal Servers in Vietnam due to numerous outstanding advantages. Let’s explore the strengths of deploying Bare Metal Servers in Vietnam with VNETWORK:

Strategic Geographic Location

Situated at the center of the Southeast Asian region, Vietnam offers an ideal strategic location for providing server services with high performance and reliability. By placing bare metal server in Vietnam , access speeds are optimized and response times are improved. This reduces the physical distance between servers and users. All of these elements work together to make website browsing more enjoyable for users.

Furthermore, server placement in Vietnam ensures legal compliance for enterprises. With data stored and managed within local databases, enterprises can fully commit to adhering to regulations concerning information security and user privacy. This creates a trustworthy and credible environment for processing and safeguarding critical business data.

Massive Market Potential

The expansive potential of the Vietnamese market is a significant factor for international enterprises when deciding to deploy Bare Metal Server in Vietnam. With a population of over 97 million and notable growth in the IT sector, Vietnam is gradually asserting itself as a promising market, offering numerous business opportunities and diverse development prospects. The convergence of multiple factors has created an environment conducive to business operations and the robust growth of foreign enterprises.

According to statistical data from regulatory authorities, there has been a considerable increase in internet usage and online services in Vietnam. By the beginning of 2023, the number of internet users had surpassed 77.93 million, equivalent to 79.1% of the total population. Among them, over 70 million people engage in social media, accounting for 71% of the overall population. With a total of active mobile connections reaching 161.6 million, equivalent to 164.0% of the population, accessing digital content, online shopping, and using online applications have become integral parts of daily life in this country. To assure maximum performance in satisfying these needs, this trend motivates businesses to employ Bare Metal Server in Vietnam.

The diversified development across industries such as e-commerce, finance, education, healthcare, and many others necessitates robust and stable server services. By deploying Bare Metal Server in Vietnam , international enterprises have the opportunity to effectively leverage the potential of this market, optimize experiences, and meet the increasingly high demands of users. The synergy between the significantly growing market demand and the effectiveness of providing Bare Metal Server services is providing a positive outlook for international investors seeking investment opportunities in Vietnam.

Political Stability

The stable political situation in Vietnam brings numerous advantages for foreign enterprises when deploying Bare Metal Servers here. The stable and low-risk political environment in Vietnam provides a solid foundation for international enterprises to invest and develop long-term business strategies, particularly in the field of information technology.

Bare Metal Server Vietnam

International cooperation

Also, as a member of various Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), Vietnam has fostered a business-friendly and open environment on the international stage. Presently, Vietnam has joined 12 FTA agreements such as the European Union-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), the ASEAN Free Trade Area (ASEAN FTA), and the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), offering appealing opportunities for foreign investors. Notably, the reduction of trade barriers and tariffs through these FTAs has created favorable conditions for international businesses to invest and establish Bare Metal Server in Vietnam.

Cost optimization

Cost reduction while using Bare Metal Server in Vietnam is a big advantage that aids businesses in bridging the gap between their strategic objectives and day-to-day operations, promoting sustainable and long-term growth. In this regard, international enterprises can leverage the advantages of attractive pricing and labor costs here to efficiently utilize resources when investing in operating Bare Metal Servers. For instance, businesses can embark on high-potential projects with a more suitable investment level compared to key markets. This enables them to enhance product development processes, flexibility, and effectiveness in meeting market demands.

Bare Metal Server in Vietnam from VNETWORK

As the demand for investment in the Vietnamese market continues to rise, along with the requirement to seek reputable and high-quality Bare Metal Server partners, VNETWORK introduces the Bare Metal Server solution to address the establishment of IT infrastructure in Vietnam. This action represents not just extensive research by VNETWORK into the requirements and preferences of businesses, but also a steadfast dedication to continuously improving the infrastructure system to offer clients the best possible option. The significant advantages of VNETWORK’s Bare Metal Server include:

  • Optimal Performance: Bare Metal Server by VNETWORK is equipped with top-tier processors and memory such as AMD EPYC or Intel Gold CPUs, NVMe SSD storage, and a range of upgrade options, delivering outstanding performance for demanding applications that require stringent performance standards.
  • High Reliability: Hosted at Tier 3 data centers in Vietnam, Bare Metal Server of VNETWORK provides full deployment and infrastructure expansion services within 24 hours, ensuring continuous business operations reliability.
  • Flexible Customization: Designed for flexibility, our Bare Metal Server can be customized to meet the unique needs of each enterprise, making it easy to deploy and manage applications based on specific requirements.

Bare Metal Server by VNETWORK is a comprehensive solution that enables enterprises to build a robust IT infrastructure foundation, thereby facilitating effective business operations.

If your business is interested in experiencing Bare Metal Server solution by VNETWORK, do not hesitate to contact us for consultation and support at Hotline: (028) 7306 8789 or email us at or

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