VNIS pioneers in managing global CDNs

Latest Update: 24/05/2024

VNIS pioneers in managing global CDNs

VNIS is known as a pioneering platform in the field of content delivery networks (CDN), helping businesses achieve effective transmission for their website. Besides, the combination of many _CDNs_together to form a Multi CDN has been optimized by VNIS to improve the power of content transmission for the best business.

In Singapore in January 2022, VNIS was included in its reports on global CDN guidelines by Gartner for 2021.

In its global guide to the CDN portfolio, Gartner made recommendations for businesses:

“Evaluate the structure of each CDN or Multi CDN clusterin the transmission of website content of the enterprise. We encourage businesses to use Multi CDN configurations for high website resilience and extremely low latency.”

In the current situation, businesses doing business through online websites are trying to maintain their foothold in the market in each different market segment and expand their reach globally. In the near future, market factors challenges begin to emerge especially in emerging markets like South America, China, Eastern Europe, and India which will hinder the web’s resilience before the massive access from there. These issues will disrupt supply chains, and affect brands in terms of customer trust and CDN accessibility in those regions.

According to Gartner: “Inconsistencies in the supply chain, such as the recent Covid pandemic, have caused many network components and infrastructure to have any problems with the need to expand, thereby causing disruptions. more often for the website. Gartner realizes that CDN service providers have been diversifying, creating a lot of options for businesses to meet each business need. On the other hand, due to the high demand from many other regions, the providers of those CDNs have added in other regions by collaborating in the vicinity like Southeast Asia.”

Instead of waiting for those CDN providers to cooperate with each other which is time-consuming and inefficient, VNIS has pioneered solving this problem by combining multiple local and global CDNs together to deliver an enhanced security feature and better performance.

Not only that, the exclusive intelligent load balancing (AI Load Balancing) feature has helped VNIS create a platform to provide digital experiences that solve the requirement of optimizing page traffic. website and keep your website the best security in the country and internationally.

CDN power-ups (power-ups) also allow users to add other trusted global CDNs such as VNIS, VNCDN, Akamai, Cloudflare, or Fastly and players like ChinaCache or Wangsu in China with just one click 1 click. The difference with traditional CDNs is that the VNIS system helps businesses collect performance data on the global network and make decisions to route traffic, the AI solution also helps the system to can automatically identify and route users so that the CDN performs at its best for optimal experience, avoiding interruptions. VNIS also solves security problems by integrating a cloud-based web application firewall (Cloud WAF), protecting the system against malicious access, protecting APIs, and helping businesses fight DDoS from malicious websites. traffic over the CDN.

The representative of the VNIS platform said:

“We believe that Gartner’s review and inclusion of VNIS in the global market guide for CDNs serve as a mission to disrupt the cloud industry with solutions for a more agile, faster, and more resilient internet environment. safer with transparency, choice, and control.”

He added that VNIS will continuously innovate in the development of its products and always work towards innovative platforms to deliver flawless digital experiences. The foundation of the innovation is the world’s largest Multi CDN, which will change the entire content delivery industry and further improve security.

“Source: Gartner, Global CDN Market Guide, Ted Chamberlin, et al, November 8, 2021”.

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