VNETWORK - Trusted Partner for Bare Metal Server Deployment

Latest Update: 31/10/2023

VNETWORK - Trusted Partner for Bare Metal Server Deployment

In 2023, Vietnam's internet user population reached a significant 79.1% of the total population. This presents an ideal environment for technology companies to thrive and incubate new tech projects. With its numerous advantages, Bare Metal Servers (BMS) have gradually gained popularity and wide acceptance in the enterprise in Vietnam, with VNETWORK's Bare Metal Server service standing out as a prominent choice landscape. So, what are the reasons behind the preference of numerous businesses, both large and small, in Vietnam for utilizing this service?

Why Vietnam is Suitable for Bare Metal Server Deployment

International companies are recognizing the value of deploying Bare Metal Servers in Vietnam. This choice is not only driven by the exceptional benefits that this solution brings but also by the market potential that Vietnam offers. Let's delve into the strengths of adopting Bare Metal Servers in Vietnam with VNETWORK.

Vietnam: A Thriving Market with Enormous Potential

Vietnam's vast market potential is a pivotal factor that attracts international businesses to consider adopting VNETWORK's Bare Metal Server services. With a population approaching 100 million people and substantial growth in the information technology sector, Vietnam is progressively solidifying its position as a promising market brimming with diverse business opportunities and multifaceted development prospects. The convergence of various human-centric elements has cultivated an environment that actively promotes business activities and drives the growth of foreign enterprises.

Furthermore, the robust and varied development landscape, coupled with the demands for digital transformation across industries such as e-commerce, finance, education, healthcare, and various other vital sectors, necessitates powerful and reliable server services. By choosing to deploy Bare Metal Servers in Vietnam, foreign enterprises can efficiently harness the market's potential, optimize user experiences, and effectively address the ever-increasing demands of users.

Vietnam's Political Stability Makes it an Ideal Location for Bare Metal Server Deployment

Foreign companies enjoy numerous advantages when opting for Bare Metal Server deployment in Vietnam, primarily due to the country's political stability. This stability enables international firms to pursue long-term business strategies, especially in the field of information technology, as Vietnam boasts a stable government with minimal political risks.

Vietnam is a youthful and dynamic nation actively engaged in multiple Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), fostering a business-friendly and globally open environment. Currently, Vietnam is a party to 12 FTAs, including the European Union-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), and the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). These agreements offer compelling opportunities for foreign investors. Notably, the reduction of trade barriers and tariffs facilitated by these FTAs has created favorable conditions for international companies to invest in Vietnam and choose VNETWORK's Bare Metal Server solutions.

Cost Efficiency

Achieving cost efficiency when deploying Bare Metal Servers in Vietnam is a critical advantage that helps foreign enterprises narrow the gap between their business goals and operational realities. This fosters long-term and sustainable growth. Consequently, international companies can leverage the favorable pricing and cost advantages in Vietnam to utilize resources effectively during their investments and business operations. This, in turn, enables businesses to enhance their product development processes, exhibit greater flexibility, and efficiently meet market demands.

VNETWORK - The Leading Bare Metal Server Solution Provider in Vietnam

VNETWORK offers Bare Metal Server solutions to cater to the growing investment strategies in the Vietnamese market and the need for trustworthy Bare Metal Server partners from international companies. This underscores VNETWORK's profound market research and awareness of infrastructure development trends, enabling the provision of the most optimized solutions to customers. The notable advantages of VNETWORK's Bare Metal Server service include:

Unparalleled Performance

VNETWORK's Bare Metal Server service features server systems equipped with top-of-the-line processors and storage solutions, including AMD EPYC or Intel Gold CPUs, NVMe SSDs, and a variety of upgrade options. These configurations deliver the fastest processing speeds, making them ideal for applications with stringent performance requirements.

Flexible Customization

VNETWORK's Bare Metal Servers are designed to be highly flexible, allowing customization based on the specific needs of each business. This enables VNETWORK's customers to easily deploy and manage applications tailored to their specific requirements.

Professional Support

VNETWORK's Bare Metal Server isn't just a product; it represents a cost-effective investment. The deployment and management of servers can be complex, which is why VNETWORK provides professional support from a team of experts. These experts possess extensive experience in the IT industry and are always prepared to address risks and optimize server infrastructure performance. The operations team also offers in-depth support and expert guidance, ensuring stability throughout the operation of Bare Metal Servers. Businesses can confidently use the service without concerns about technical challenges.

Deployment within Leading Vietnamese ISPs

VNETWORK's Bare Metal Servers have established their exceptional performance in infrastructure deployment with leading Vietnamese ISPs. All servers are situated in Tier III-standard data centers across the country, including prominent names like Viettel, Mobifone, FPT, and CMC. This guarantees that businesses can maintain availability and system stability.

If your business is interested in experiencing VNETWORK's Bare Metal Server solution, please reach out to us via our hotline: (028) 7306 8789 or or email to for expert support and consultation.

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