Solution for trend of BEC attacks utilizing Deepfake techniques?

Latest Update: 12/10/2023

Solution for trend of BEC attacks utilizing Deepfake techniques?

Deepfake technology exploitation trend

Social engineering assaults utilizing Deepfake technology have recently increased.

  • Deepfake: a deep learning and fake technology hybrid that can generate lifelike virtual information using deep learning technology.
  • Social engineering: is a type of cyber assault that involves phishing or penetrating the system through social interaction with humans rather than exploiting technological flaws.

Deepfake technology in email attacks is one of the most recent and hazardous attack tactics. Attackers employ Deepfake technology to generate fake videos or messages that appear to be from the victim’s acquaintances, coworkers, or superiors, and then send them to the victim via email. These phishing emails may urge recipients to disclose personal information, bank account details, or even a password in order to get access to the website.

The BEC attack uses the incremental Deepfake technology.

For attacks and financial targeting, cybercriminals are increasingly adopting BEC attacks to send files and links carrying ransomware via email.

  • BEC (Business Email Compromise) is a cyberattack tactic in which an attacker spoofs an official business email and utilizes it to mislead the victim, who is typically an employee or manager in the firm, into providing account information, cash, or other sensitive information.

Solution for trend of BEC attacks utilizing Deepfake techniques? Keywords commonly used in BEC attacks

For example: Impersonating an employee of a significant customer company, to deceive that the trading account has been updated via email and steal the transaction amount. BEC assaults frequently use phrases such as “request,” “payment,” and “urgent” to entice consumers to click, as illustrated below.

The US FBI issued a warning in February of this year about an upsurge in BEC assaults on video conferencing platforms that mimic the CEO and solicit money transfers. The attacker has pre-collected data from the social network service SNS (Social Network Service), video, and audio,… learning the target’s voice using deep learning artificial intelligence (AI deep) technology and profited financially by participating in corporate videoconferences with fake emails and directing money transfers.

Solution for trend of BEC attacks utilizing Deepfake techniques? An overview of a BEC assault that uses Deepfake technology

Because BEC is a non-technical attack designed to deceive people rather than target technological flaws. As a result, firms must conduct security training for internal personnel in addition to equipping solutions against phishing email attacks to prevent BEC.

Mail Gateway EG-Platform is the ultimate solution for BEC prevention

EG-Platform is a Mail Gateway service that helps businesses protect themselves from email threats, especially BEC attacks.

Mail Gateway EG-Platformdetects anomalous properties in incoming emails, such as bogus email addresses, using artificial intelligence (AI) information processing approaches that integrate Machine Learning and virtual regions. Malicious emails or exorbitant remittance requests should be avoided. From then, it aids in the most effective prevention of BEC attacks, especially when attackers use deepfake techniques.

EG-Platform also offers two-way email encryption and authentication:

  • In terms of receiving: the EG-Platform aids in the detection and prevention of any email phishing. This prevents an attacker from spoofing the emails of any company members, customers, or partners.
  • In terms of sending: the EG-Platform assists in managing and approving outgoing emails; only truly valid emails that pass via the security filter will be accepted and sent by the manager. This will prevent BEC from being attacked by spoofing internal email accounts.

In addition, EG-Platform offers email analytics and monitoring to detect potential BEC attacks and inform system administrators and users. These capabilities improve cybersecurity, protect businesses from financial and reputational harm, and assist enterprises in preventing BEC assaults via email to the greatest extent possible.

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