Advanced Persistent Threat Trend 2023

Latest Update: 24/05/2024

Advanced Persistent Threat Trend 2023

Advanced Persistent Threat Trend

Advanced Persistent Threat Trend 2023

Trends of targeted attacks in the first 2 months of 2023

Accordingly, in the first 2 months of the year, VNETWORK’s Mail Gateway EG-Platform system recorded and prevented attacks on corporate customers’ email systems with the following specific numbers:

  • Phishing email: 48,745
  • Email Virus: 20.077
  • Emails with dangerous attachments: 4310
  • Email contains malicious URL: 1.187
  • Email containing ransomware: 386

The trend of targeted email attacks targeting the main target group is businesses, aiming to steal data, information and finance.

“Cyber attacks, especially targeted attacks, are getting larger and more sophisticated. The main trends will be attacks targeting the application layer (layer 7) and attacks via email. Therefore, businesses will have many difficulties in equipping themselves to protect themselves,” said Nguyen Van Tao, CEO of VNETWORK, about the trend of targeted attacks.

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The main feature of targeted emails is that they often face phishing attacks through creating phishing emails, in addition, the trend of Zero-day vulnerability attacks is also gradually becoming popular.

Targeted attack via Phishing Email

For targeted attacks with email phishing, cybercriminals often perform the act by spoofing similar domains, attaching malicious files and links (URLs).

Advanced Persistent Threat Trend 2023

Targeted attack via email phishing

Using email addresses similar to regular email addresses is a common method of spoofing:

Advanced Persistent Threat Trend 2023

How to spoof similar email addresses

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Targeted attack through zero-day vulnerability

Zero-day vulnerability attack is an attack based on taking advantage of “time lag” after a system security vulnerability is discovered until an update (patch) is released to fix the vulnerability.

The procedure to fix the Zero-day vulnerability is as follows:

Advanced Persistent Threat Trend 2023

Zero-day vulnerability remediation process

To deal with targeted attacks through Zero-day vulnerabilities, it is extremely important to regularly check programs and security solutions currently in use.

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Advanced Persistent Threat Trend 2023

Essential features to combat targeted email attacks

Targeted attacks should be analyzed and reported in detail to the security administrator.

Consequences of targeted attacks

Targeted attacks can come from hackers, cybercriminals, or even employees inside the business itself. Targeted attacks can have serious consequences, including:

  • Information and data damage: When attacked, businesses can lose sensitive information such as customer information, financial information, or technology secrets. This information can be used to adversely affect the business and its reputation.
  • Financial Loss: A targeted attack can lead to money loss as criminals can gain access to a business’s financial accounts and make unauthorized transactions.
  • Loss of time: A targeted attack can shut down an enterprise’s network, disrupting its ability to function. Businesses take a lot of time to process and overcome the consequences.

Therefore, it is very important to protect your business from targeted attacks. In addition to training employees on information security and regularly checking and improving the safety of the system, businesses need to deploy appropriate security solutions to optimize the security of the email system.

Solutions to detect and prevent targeted attacks

Mail Gateway EG-Platform is the ultimate security solution for both sending and receiving business emails. In particular, EG-Platform can detect and completely prevent targeted attacks before reaching the recipient’s mailbox. Thereby, always ensure that the email system is safe.

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