"Cloud Technology Trends and DDoS Mitigation Security" Seminar at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education.

Latest Update: 22/05/2024

"Cloud Technology Trends and DDoS Mitigation Security" Seminar at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education.

In the context of rapid digital transformation and an increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape, on May 17th, VNETWORK Joint Stock Company collaborated with the Faculty of Information Technology at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education to organize a specialized seminar titled "Cloud Technology Trends and DDoS Mitigation Security”.

The seminar attracted nearly 300 attendees, including the university's Board of Directors, the Faculty of Information Technology (IT) leadership, VNETWORK representatives, and many IT students. VNETWORK was represented by Ms. Phan Thi My Hau, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer; Mr. Le Luc Kim Sach, Chief Product Officer; Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoang Thy, Human Resources Director, and their support staff. Representing the university were Associate Professor Dr. Hoang Van Dung, Vice Dean of the Faculty of IT; Dr. Phan Thi Huyen Trang and Master Nguyen Thi Viet Ha, lecturers from the Faculty of IT. The participation of over 300 students from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education contributed to the event's success.





Held amidst the backdrop of global cybersecurity challenges and those faced by Vietnam, the event garnered significant interest from the university, particularly from students, due to its practical and informative nature. The seminar aimed to share knowledge and provide updates on the latest trends in cloud computing and effective security solutions, especially in response to the increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks seen today.

Mr. Le Luc Kim Sach - Product Director of VNETWORK, delivered an in-depth presentation on the trends in cloud computing technology, analyzing key factors that have made cloud computing an inevitable trend, predicting its robust future development, and highlighting potential security risks along with preventive and responsive solutions. His presentation received considerable attention from attendees due to the practical and insightful information shared by the representative of VNETWORK.



In addition, the business representative also provided updates on the concerning cybersecurity situation globally and in Vietnam. During the presentation, the speaker emphasized that DDoS attacks are becoming increasingly common and causing serious damage to businesses in recent times. This information served as a warning bell regarding the importance of equipping effective security solutions to cope with the growing cybersecurity threats.



VNETWORK was particularly impressed by the technical knowledge and eagerness to learn shown by the students of the Faculty of Information Technology, demonstrated through their enthusiastic interaction with the speakers. The seminar atmosphere was further enlivened by interactive mini-games and attractive prizes offered by VNETWORK.





The seminar left a lasting impression on the attending students. Thang Loi, a student from the 21st intake of the Faculty of Information Technology, shared: "The seminar provided me with valuable knowledge and updates on cloud technology. The speakers were very professional and experienced, giving me a multidimensional view of this field. I look forward to having the opportunity to collaborate with and learn more from VNETWORK in the future."









Sharing about the seminar, Assoc. Prof. Hoang Van Dung, PhD - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, stated: "On behalf of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to VNETWORK for organizing a very useful and meaningful seminar for our students. The seminar provided in-depth knowledge about the latest technology trends, while also enhancing students' awareness of the importance of cybersecurity in today's digitalization era. We look forward to more opportunities to collaborate with VNETWORK in the future, aiming to bring practical values to students and the community."


The seminar "Trends in Cloud Technology and DDoS Attack Prevention Security for Website, Apps" has concluded successfully. VNETWORK plans to expand this meaningful program model, aiming to contribute positively to the sustainable development of the technology industry and cybersecurity in the future.


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