VNETWORK and Binh Duong Province Co-Host Cybersecurity in Digital Transformation 2024 Conference

Latest Update: 27/06/2024

VNETWORK and Binh Duong Province Co-Host Cybersecurity in Digital Transformation 2024 Conference

On the morning of June 25th, at the Binh Duong Digital Transformation Center, VNETWORK Joint Stock Company, in collaboration with the Department of Information and Communications, the Informatics Association, and the Union of Science and Technology Associations of Binh Duong Province, organized the Cybersecurity in Digital Transformation 2024 Conference.

The conference was attended by Mr. Nguyen Huu Yen, Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Communications of Binh Duong Province; Mr. Tran Trong Tuyen, Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology, Chairman of the Informatics Association of Binh Duong Province; Mr. Lai Xuan Thanh, Chairman of the Union of Science and Technology Associations of Binh Duong Province; Mr. Le Luc Kim Sach, Product Director of VNETWORK Joint Stock Company; representatives of relevant departments, agencies, and businesses, along with invited guests.

sk-attt-cds-1 sk-attt-cds-2 sk-attt-cds-3 Overview of the "Cybersecurity in Digital Transformation 2024" Conference

At the conference, Mr. Lai Xuan Thanh, Chairman of the Union of Science and Technology Associations of Binh Duong province, emphasized the critical importance of data protection amidst the digital transformation landscape. He stated that cybersecurity is key in safeguarding this valuable resource, and preventing significant financial losses and reputational damage caused by data breaches.

In May 2024, the Department of Information Security recorded 89,351 cybersecurity vulnerabilities across information systems, primarily targeting users' data. These attacks focused on financial systems (such as VNDirect), healthcare, education, and critical infrastructure like energy (PVOIL) and postal services (VNPost), utilizing phishing scams, ransomware, and APT attacks. Therefore, the conference aimed to share the current situation and data protection solutions for organizations, businesses, and individuals.

sk-attt-cds-4 Mr. Lai Xuan Thanh delivers opening remarks at the conference

Binh Duong Province, a rapidly developing industrial and service hub, has recognized the critical importance of cybersecurity in its digital transformation journey. However, according to Mr. Nguyen Huu Yen, Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Communications, challenges remain, including a lack of awareness among some officials and civil servants, limited IT infrastructure, and insufficient funding for upgrades. To address these issues, the province is focusing on raising awareness and training cybersecurity personnel, maintaining a "4-layer" security model, establishing data backup and recovery processes, and conducting regular cybersecurity drills and simulations.

sk-attt-cds-5 Mr. Nguyen Huu Yen reports on the cybersecurity situation

At the conference, VNETWORK Joint Stock Company, a co-organizer of the event, shared comprehensive security solutions to address the pressing cybersecurity issues of today. Mr. Le Luc Kim Sach, Product Director of VNETWORK, presented the trends and benefits of applying cloud security and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in cyberattack prevention. Additionally, he introduced two prominent platforms of the company, including the VNIS Platform - a comprehensive security solution for Web/App/API, and the EG-Platform - a comprehensive two-way email security solution for both sending and receiving, aiming to provide timely and effective protection tools for organizations and businesses in the face of increasingly complex and sophisticated cyberattacks.

sk-attt-cds-6 sk-attt-cds-7 sk-attt-cds-8 sk-attt-cds-9 sk-attt-cds-10 Mr. Kim Sach presents comprehensive cybersecurity trends to counter cyberattacks

VNIS platform by VNETWORK is a comprehensive Web/App/API security solution designed to protect organizations and businesses against the escalating threat of cyberattacks. A key feature of VNIS is its integration of AI and cloud security technologies into its management system, through Multi-Cloud WAF and AI Load Balancing. Multi-Cloud WAF enables rapid isolation of threats, while AI Load Balancing analyzes attack sources in detail and efficiently manages traffic flow. Additionally, VNETWORK's team of SOC experts is available 24/7 from multiple countries, ensuring swift response to any attack and minimizing damage to businesses.

The EG-Platform is a comprehensive email security solution that utilizes AI and Machine Learning to protect email systems in sending and receiving directions. This platform effectively prevents email attacks, from viruses to new threats, thanks to its ability to automatically analyze, learn, and identify suspicious behavior. EG-Platform also checks email transmission lines, converts email content into images when detecting malicious links, and provides detailed reports on attack status. With its flexible customization capabilities, EG-Platform helps businesses comprehensively protect their email systems while ensuring a positive user experience.

sk-attt-cds-11 sk-attt-cds-12 sk-attt-cds-13 sk-attt-cds-14 VNETWORK's presentation draws significant interest from delegates and guests

The presentation by VNETWORK's representative on cybersecurity trends and comprehensive security solutions garnered significant attention from delegates and guests attending the conference. Notably, the research and application of cloud security and AI technologies in solutions like VNIS and EG-Platform sparked lively discussions about their effectiveness and implementation process. As a result, many organizations and businesses gained a clearer understanding of integrating security solutions, recognizing it as a simple process that doesn't require excessive resources while delivering high efficiency in ensuring cybersecurity for websites, applications, and email systems. This event opened up numerous collaboration opportunities between VNETWORK and other entities to enhance cybersecurity capabilities and build a secure and sustainable online environment.

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