VNCDN supports HTTP/3 to speed up website performance

Latest Update: 24/05/2024

VNCDN supports HTTP/3 to speed up website performance

On December 15, 2021, the CDN service with the VNCDN brand of VNETWORK officially supported the HTTP/3 protocol, helping to speed up webstie performance and maximize web server security. HTTP/3 showed its power when Google also implemented it and reduced latency when displaying search results to users by 2%, reduced YouTube video recovery time by 9%, and improved throughput. on mobile devices to 7%.

Therefore, we are honored to inform you about this good news. Our CDN service was able to support HTTP/3 for any Google Cloud customer. With this HTTP/3 protocol, businesses will see huge improvements when playing online videos, or transferring images, as well as large-scale APIs.

What is HTTP/3?

HTTP/3 is a next-generation internet protocol built on top of QUIC, HTTP/3, and QUIC that addresses the previous challenges of HTTP/2 around header interception, security, and reliability. fake connections. The original Google QUIC (aka ‘gQUIC’) will be phased out by the end of 2021, as IETF QUIC customers have lost interest in gQUIC-enabled apps.

It is important that your browsing customers get maximum support from the HTTP/3 protocol starting today. The latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple’s iOS Safari all support HTTP/3, not excluding popular libraries like Cronet and libcurl.

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Advantages of HTTP/3 over HTTP/2

Our goal is to build a super-fast and responsive Internet. Although HTTP/3 has just been announced, we have already seen a lot of interest from our users. To date, more than 1,000 clients have enabled HTTP/3. It’s great that websites and applications are accessible via HTTP/3.

One of the main advantages of HTTP/3 is increased performance, especially when fetching multiple objects concurrently. With HTTP/2, a packet loss in a TCP connection causes all flows to stop. But since HTTP/3 is based on the UDP protocol, if a packet is dropped, only that one stream is interrupted.

In addition, HTTP/3 also supports 0-RTT, which means that subsequent connections can start up much faster by removing TLS confirmation from the server when establishing a connection. This means that clients can access data much faster than waiting for full TLS, and that means your site loads faster.

VNCDN supports HTTP/3 to speed up website performance

One of the main advantages of HTTP/3 is to increase the efficiency of content delivery

VNCDN combined with HTTP/3

In the near future, we will bring HTTP/3 to all customers using CDN service.

We aim to bring the best performance to business websites, as well as solve the backlog in HTTP/2 technology. Therefore, if you want to try the new HTTP/3 technology CDN service, please contact us immediately to experience it.

Learn more about the HTTP/3 CDN Service.

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