VNETWORK expands CDN network at Mobifone

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

VNETWORK expands CDN network at Mobifone

Early in July, VNETWORK and Mobifone signed a partnership agreement at the Mobifone IDC in order to increase infrastructure capacity and provide users with a better experience. In the agreement, hundreds of servers will be installed on core servers, and the CDN network will be expanded with an initial bandwidth of up to 400Gbps. This CDN system expansion is now complete, enabling us to optimize content transmission and ensuring quicker and more effective delivery to millions of clients across the country.

What are the advantages for clients of VNETWORK’s CDN network expansion in Mobifone IDC?

VNETWORK has just completed the expansion of the CDN system at Mobifone, significantly increasing the speed of users’ internet access. With the addition of more servers to Mobifone’s network infrastructure and the latest technology updates, our CDN system helps reduce latency and speed up website loading, ensuring users access content more quickly and easily.

With VNETWORK expanding the new CDN system at Mobifone IDC, customers will have a lower latency experience of surfing or viewing online content, helping to increase user experience as well as help customers’ SEO process be more efficient.

Hệ thống CDN mạnh mẽ với công nghệ hiện đại

VNETWORK’s CDN system at Mobiphone

Our CDN technology brings the best website access experience to users who are VNETWORK’s customers throughout the territory of Vietnam. Shortly, we will upgrade the total Uplink even higher instead of the current 400Gbps, helping to better meet the needs of streaming and downloading files of customers.

Details of expanding VNETWORK’s CDN system

As mentioned above, VNETWORK’s expansion of CDN system infrastructure at Mobifone helps users experience the internet faster and smoother. Especially for more than 30 million subscribers using Mobifone’s 3G and 4G connections, accessing website content or videos will be greatly improved because the CDN system is now located right in Mobiphone’s network.

Video load chậm do không có CDN hỗ trợ

Users will no longer experience videos suddenly stopping while watching

In the process of working directly with the operator, the VNETWORK team has reached an agreement to place CDN infrastructure at Mobifone’s core net to help solve the problem of latency for users using mobile networks, increase access speed as well as increase users’ internet access experience.

Advanced technologies and high-end infrastructure are applied

Not only expanding the CDN system at Mobifone, but VNETWORK also focuses a lot on the application of new technologies and standards in practice, typically the use of the new HTTP/3 protocol as well as the application of HLS Low Latency video transmission protocol, more specifically as follows:

- About HTTP/3 protocol is the latest version of HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). It is the next version of HTTP/2 and is designed to improve the performance and reliability of data transmission over the Internet. HTTP/3 uses the new data transfer protocol QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections), which combines both TCP and UDP to increase transmission speed and improve security. The advantages of HTTP/3 are faster transfer speed, higher reliability, better load capacity, and minimal latency during data transmission. The team of engineers and staff at VNETWORK have actively upgraded the network infrastructure as well as software to avoid causing compatibility problems with older applications and devices.

Learn more about HTTP/3 protocol from VNETWORK__

Công nghệ HTTP/3 được tích hợp vào CDN

VNETWORK synchronously upgrades system and software to integrate HTTP/3

- HLS Low Latency is a version of the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) video transport protocol designed to minimize latency during live streaming over the Internet. With HLS LL, users can watch the event live on the Internet more accurately and quickly, which improves the user experience and increases the interactivity of the online event.

Learn more about HLS Low Latency from VNETWORK.

The expansion of CDN infrastructure at Mobifone combined with the application of new technologies in practice, combined with raising the total CDN bandwidth in the country to approximately 9Tbps, VNETWORK ensures to bring peace of mind and satisfaction when using our CDN services.

Upcoming development orientation for VNETWORK’s CDN service

In the future, specifically in Q4/2023, VNETWORK will launch and apply HLS Ultra Low Latency technology (which is an upgraded version of HLS Low Latency we have just applied) with the expectation that users of mobile devices will experience watching videos, online programs with almost zero latency. Besides, VNETWORK plans to upgrade the total Uplink bandwidth up to 800Gbps and expand domestic bandwidth to more than 9Tbps to meet the needs of customers.

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