VNIS UPGRADE: Smart load balancing system

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

VNIS UPGRADE: Smart load balancing system

In today’s ever-evolving digital technology era, the ability to backup, restore and secure data is a key factor in the business operations of any business. According to user survey statistics, their satisfaction level drops significantly when accessing a website with slow loading speed or even worse, a website that is faulty and stops working. From the point of view of businesses or website owners, failure to detect spikes in traffic or attacks on your website can have a negative impact on your brand’s reputation.

After many years of building the Multi CDN platform and monitoring experiences on digital platforms, VNETWORK Joint Stock Company has developed VNIS - a comprehensive solution to help secure and improve website performance for businesses. Your trust in VNETWORK is the motivation for us to continue developing VNIS system with powerful solutions, enhancing the ability to recover your website when attacked. These new updated features will be mentioned in the article below.

Intuitive navigation on the new platform

In the old version with a simplified vertical design, the new VNIS platform comes with a horizontal navigation bar and detailed categories, making viewing more intuitive.

Users can seamlessly navigate between Multi CDN, VNIS Marketplace or Analytics page for their website. Also, users can easily find required notifications and information by clicking the notification bell icon and can quickly switch between accounts, sites and domains using Level Control Operational level control.

Tasks related to the presented functionality are displayed in the ‘Quick Actions’ or ‘QAx’ section, allowing you to directly perform the required actions at any given time.

Nền tảng VNIS trước đây

VNIS platform after upgrading

Quick access to the Multi CDN network

If you have gone through the setup process on an old version of VNIS, you may remember that before getting access to Multi CDN, you were required to configure DNS settings. But now with just a simple operation, you can access Multi CDN immediately without spending too much time and effort. With VNIS’s newly upgraded platform, users can instantly review and select the domains users want to add to the platform and enhance with Multi CDN. Immediately after, the user is asked to review his DNS records. With advanced scanning technology, your DNS recording results are faster and more complete than ever.

Accelerated installation for both Multi CDN and DNS allows you to move forward at faster speeds and deploy your Multi CDN solution faster.

VNIS UPGRADE: Smart load balancing system

Multi CDN solution of VNIS

Flexible costing based on usage

The first is our brand new pricing engine. Businesses can calculate the estimated cost of their Multi CDN solution, based on their estimated traffic, the number of domains they plan to integrate, and the CDN they want to include.

VNIS UPGRADE: Smart load balancing system

Multi CDN Valuation Calculator

The second is a consumption tracker that tells businesses the exact data for DNS queries, CDN traffic, CDN requests, and billing information. These data can be found in the Overview bar in the account, website and domain sections of the business.

VNIS UPGRADE: Smart load balancing system

Consumption tracker

VNIS upgrades Smart Load Balancer system and strengthens Multi Cloud Origin Shield

In this update, VNIS upgraded Multi Cloud by implementing a server load balancing solution through Origin Shield, and also improved the accuracy and reflexes of VNIS Smart Load Balancer, Pulse by increasing the frequency of monitoring. synthetic monitoring and real user traffic.

Origin Shield Load Balancing: Failover

One of the biggest concerns of businesses in the digital age is that the website can be hacked at any time. With just one outage, a business can suffer heavy losses affecting customer confidence, business operations and revenue.

These unfortunate situations can be avoided, as businesses build their infrastructure and cloud storage systems in the most secure way. Enterprises can use Multi Cloud solutions at different levels of their infrastructure.

With the new updated version, VNIS will allow users to add multiple origin servers, route traffic and send requests to selected origin servers using load balancing methods such as failover, IP hash and round-robin.

VNIS UPGRADE: Smart load balancing system

Origin Shield Load Balancing System

  • Failover: Use an available primary server as the default server, where all requests will be routed while the secondary servers are idle. Requests will only be routed to the secondary server if the primary server is unavailable.

  • IP hash: Use a hash algorithm that takes source (client) and destination (server) IP addresses to generate a unique hash key. This key will be used to allocate a client to a specific server. When a domain-to-server session request is received from a given client, all requests from the same client are forwarded to the same server.

  • Round-robin: Uses multiple identical servers configured with the same domain name, but each with a unique IP address. When a session request is received for the domain associated with the server, the requests are allocated in an alternate sequential manner.

VNIS will perform checks to track the origin of the traffic, then automatically evaluate and filter healthy traffic. With these native load balancing solutions, all Origin Shield enabled domains will be able to quickly recover from attack.

Another standout feature of Multi Cloud is its deployability. Just like the Multi CDN solution, the Multi Cloud load balancing solution is also implemented as a solution for easy integration. VNIS provides users with an easy-to-use interface and configures load balancers in just a few clicks, and especially without the need to troubleshoot problems that may arise from the integration of origin servers. from different Cloud providers.

By deploying Smart Load Balancer solution through Origin Shield, VNIS provides Multi Cloud to ensure reliability and resiliency for enterprise website.

Smart Load Balancer and Smart Pulse Solution - Increase User Monitoring Frequency

With Smart Load Balancer incorporating VNIS’s proprietary AI Load Balancing power, the amount of data obtained from aggregate monitoring systems and real users will inform performance and availability metrics. These metrics are then used to sort the Multi CDN and intelligently route website traffic to the best performing CDN for a given location and time.

Pulse is an interactive VNIS chart that displays the performance and availability data of all VNIS CDNs for a given region and time. Pulse collects data through synthetic monitoring and real users. It is a powerful tool to help businesses make informed decisions about choosing the most reliable CDN to increase website performance globally or in any target region.

For this solution to work optimally, VNIS’s development team spent a lot of time researching, collecting high-quality data and constantly updating it. In our most recent update, we introduced a new feature “Feeds” that can provide highly targeted performance and availability data, thus improving accuracy and quality. amount of data used by both Smart Load Balancer and Pulse.

In this update, we are increasing the frequency of data collection on aggregate user monitoring and upgrading the fluctuations from our aggregate user monitoring to collect performance and availability data every one minute.

With a shorter data collection interval of fluctuations, this improves the accuracy and reflectivity of both Smart Load Balancer and Pulse, thus improving the detection of anomalous traffic and traffic. user access. Once integrated with VNIS’s security solution, businesses will quickly overcome problems when the website has a spike in traffic and unexpected network attacks. By increasing the frequency of synthetic user tracking monitoring, the reflexes of VNIS Smart Load Balancer and Pulse are greatly enhanced.

In this latest update, VNIS Origin Shield can now perform origin load balancing to ensure the reliability and quick resiliency of the website. In addition, VNIS Smart Load Balancer and Pulse increase the frequency of aggregate user monitoring, allowing the system and users to quickly detect anomalies and promptly respond to critical events and potential risks. for business websites.

VNIS - a comprehensive Web/App security solution for businesses

VNIS is not only a Multi CDN network provider, an expert in the field of network security or DNS provider, but also a hub to help businesses manage everything related to content delivery networks. , digital experience monitoring and security solutions for corporate websites.

This new updated version is the result of both research and construction by the VNETWORK team, after many years of providing a Multi CDN (Multi Content Delivery Network) network, a content distribution platform and monitoring technical experience. Digitally, VNETWORK continues to develop and upgrade the VNIS platform to simplify the Multi CDN management process, improve performance, and provide website security solutions to meet the needs of businesses when the market and technology change. ceaselessly as it is today.

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